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sure i could use a text buddy for this.. if you want to email/text shoot me a line in sparkmail and we can exchange info, i want to drop about the same amount.. and im getting married in the spring summer- so we have a similar goal!

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10/8/12 3:13 P

Hey I'm Kate. I'm a college sophomore and I am tired of always being judged by my weight and the negative outcomes because of it. I have about 100 pounds to loose to be at my goal weight. I am trying to get a significant amount off by April because I am on the competitive cheerleading squad at the University I attend and that is when nationals takes place. That gives me 6 months to get 50-80 pounds off. I am looking for someone that I can report to each week with my weight and/or measurements and maybe the report of what I ate that week. I did weightwatchers my senior year of high school and lost 20 pounds fairly quickly because I had to report to someone (that gave me the motivation) but it became too expensive and I went back to old habits. I am a very active person. I work out between 5-10 hours at least every week so it is obviously what I eat that is the problem. my current weight is about 225 (give or take a few pounds, depending on the scale I use it comes out a little different but this was the average) If there is anyone out there that could be that person for me I was really appreciate it and do the same or something else in return. Thanks for reading!

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