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3/8/14 2:33 P

Check out this post on some great ways to find workout music. I'm always struggling to find good stuff too...but like anything else, there are patterns to finding the good stuff...

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3/8/14 12:04 P

If you have a Smart phone, there are running apps available. You can search for C25K or Zombie Runs.

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3/7/14 10:32 P

have you tried googling?

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3/7/14 9:58 P

Hey all! I am going to try to start jogging once this darn winter leaves MA. Here's the thing; I have no clue what I am doing. I've heard of couch to 5k audio files and my sister in law has told me about a "Zombie Run" audio she uses, but I don't think that's my scene (the zombies specifically). I would like something like that which tells me "run now..... now walk.... run for Xminutes..." but I don't know where to get them!

Help please :)

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