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VCOOTS61 SparkPoints: (8,517)
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6/17/13 11:28 A

Walking is my favorite! But I mix ix it up with a bike ride, Wii bowling or yoga and gardening/yard work.

You can go on line and search for trails in your area. We've found so great trails that way and it keeps you from getting bored with the walks that you take on a regular basis.

Hang in there!!!!

SUNSHINE1288 Posts: 60
6/17/13 11:20 A

Heart Rate Monitor!!! I am an exercise junkie but my HR monitor pushes me. There's no cheating it. It lets me know when I'm dragging ass or pushing my limits. It also is the most accurate measure of calories burned because it stores weight and constantly monitors heart rate. It keeps me honest and motivated!

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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6/17/13 9:23 A

If you have a tablet or a smart phone, in addition to SparkPeople and the fitness generator here, there is a multitude of apps with some great workout options that are easy to follow. DH and I recently tried an ST (bootcamp like) workout from a new app I downloaded called Nike Training and it was challenging, but do-able and we both found that we had good results. Looking forward to doing more with it. This can heop if you're finding yourself in a rut. They give you instructions on how to do the exercises, but you don't have to "watch" them and complete them along side like a DVD. The one we did had demo videos, but then you' just keep going with each excercise by the audio prompts.

Maybe enlisting a workout partner might change things up and make things more enjoyable for you also.

Edited to add: You can find several apps that are free such as the one I described above.

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6/17/13 6:52 A

Swimming and body weight exercises are other options for you and are fun.

LOSIN_IT4GOOD Posts: 642
6/16/13 10:14 A

There is a company called FitDeck that makes exercise flashcards. I love them! Just like a deck of cards...flip the what's on it. No planning needed. They have different decks for whatever you might have. I got the bodyweight(no equipment), bands, BOSU & medicine ball. I got it on Amazon. Hope that helps!

6/16/13 9:29 A

my walks usual include dancing too.

LAZY_DAVE Posts: 21
6/16/13 9:23 A

yep walking is good but don't leisurely stroll, walk briskly. I see many at the gym walking on the treadmill as they talk to their friend on the next machine, and not even breaking a sweat. Find a buddy to exercise with also, that helps a lot.

6/16/13 8:37 A

i do a bit of walking....i it the same paths....i think i just need to mix up my walking path. i love the idea of short burst of weight training i have tried the spark exercise generator but it always give me stuff i don't have the equipment to do it emoticon thank for the ideas

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
6/16/13 7:27 A

I second the walking suggestion. I walk in a hilly neighborhood, and to increase the challenge I've been strapping on a backpack, gradually increasing the weight I carry while keeping up the same pace as before. I'm not talking a leisurely stroll here.

While there are many DVDs I don't enjoy, I've found a couple I like-- for those days when the weather is just too bad (lightning, tornado warnings) to walk outside. You could use your Wii on the bad-weather days.

I don't have a gym membership or lots of equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike or anything. I've got a bunch of free weights, a couple resistance bands. There's lots of videos here on Spark for strength training, and stuff on Youtube too. I don't think it's necessary to join a gym or spend a lot of money to get fit.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,102)
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6/15/13 11:27 P

Have you considered just-plain-old-walking ?? or easy cycling?? emoticon

With summer weather arriving (depending on where you live!!) the fresh air just makes the time pass more quickly for me...I'd rather be outside than in any gym in the world!!

Then you can do your Wii; or the free weights for short rounds of strength training only.

Another thought---have you tried the Spark Fitness Program generator??
Good Luck!

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6/15/13 10:42 P

i have been trying to get back in to my active state but have hit a few road bumps. i do not have the $$ for a gym membership, cant stand exercise DVD, have a WII, and have free weight at my disposal, the problem is i have been doing the same thing in different sequence, now I am looking for inspiration to kick it up a notch. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts. emoticon


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