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Well you said that you like to be outside. Here in Pa. there are plenty of parks that have different workout stations on maybe a 10-15 station cycle exercise program.

Good luck on your journey

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4/19/14 7:13 P

Also, if you love to get out and cycle, the Spark article "Strength training for cyclists" may have some useful ideas.


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4/19/14 6:12 P

Hi Lynne

I agree with the previous poster that the Workout Generator is a great place to start. Here's a link:

This will give you a program based on your needs and equipment available.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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what do you mean age related? You do what your body can do. There are 85 year olds who do stuff a 20 year old can't do. Since you are a beginner, use the Spark generator to get a full body program than you can do 2-3x/week.

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4/19/14 9:26 A

I want to add strength training to my program. I do sufficient cardio, with no problem. I believe if you enjoy your exercise you will have no problem keeping up with it. I love to bike, so each day its a treat to climb on and off I go. I want to add strength training. Not sure what other options are out there. It has to be age related as I'm a senior. I know I can do floor exercises but I'm looking for something I can do outside, which I will enjoy. emoticon


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