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10/5/13 1:47 A

That's awesome! Thank you so much!

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10/5/13 1:02 A

The activity tracker at
has a pretty comprehensive list of activities, which you can then enter manually into Spark.

As I recall, stairs is listed under W - Walking (climbing stairs).


VOODOOSCHNITZEL SparkPoints: (6,212)
Fitness Minutes: (412)
Posts: 38
10/5/13 12:46 A

Hello Sparkies!

I am very new to this site, and all is well and joyous, except I cannot seem to figure out the fitness tracker. It is wonderful enough to provide an option for custom exercises like walking up and down stairs, however, it asks for caloric output (calories burned) and I honestly haven't the foggiest how to answer that! Any advice for someone like me?


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