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8/28/13 2:03 P

Do a google search on "40-40-20 Recipes" and several sites will come up, including one in Sparkpeople.

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8/27/13 1:31 P

40-30-30 are all zone diet recipes search for them, and go from there

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7/12/13 3:16 A

I am going to be starting Insanity tomorrow and will be following the nutrition plan. The key seems to be to eat healthy foods (so no artificial junk and sweets) and to try to stay as close to 40/40/20 as possible. 40% Carbs, 40% proteins, and 20% fats. The fats need to be healthy, of course.

I just was wondering if anyone has any recipes that can help me stick close to that. The numbers at the end of the day are what matters but I believe that if I can find several 40/40/20 meals it will be easier to reach this goal.

Also, the meal needs to be ~500 calories and I despise cottage cheese and any sort of seafood.


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