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1/21/13 5:01 P

You do not lose ewight through exercise. You adjust your diet to support the exercises you do, so working out for a specific time won't make you lose weight faster. The more you exercise, the more you need to eat. :)

Great abs happen in the kitchen... not the gym. So focus on your calorie intake. Set up your fitness program here to account for the number of calories you're burning regularly, and eat in the ranges Sparkpeople sets up for you.

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1/21/13 4:46 P

I've stayed away from shakes, now and years ago when I thought i could diet the weight off. I tried the slimfast shakes and all they did was make me hungry -_-;

I do insanity (did a month last year, restarted and on month 2), plus walking places and the normal stuff.
At this level, I don't think you need protein shakes and all that. Those were made for bodybuilders who literally *couldn't* get what they needed any other way. Also, a lot of the cheaper ones use inferior protein sources that really cut down what you can actually use vs whats on the label. A friend of mine (very athletic with nothing to lose) swore by them, but whenever she discussed it with a couple of guys they'd always discuss brands and whey vs soy vs whatever. Never cared enough to memorize the details, but they swore one was empty calories due to protein type.
Track your food, up your meat intake (or other protein-rich foods) if you're low, and you'll be fine.

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1/21/13 4:23 P

Track your food, eat quality foods and within your calorie range. How much you exercise is pretty irrelevant, weight loss is achieved through healthy diet, exercise makes you fit and healthy.

Protein shakes are unnecessary if you are getting enough protein from real food sources.

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1/21/13 3:58 P

Okay I want to lose 50 pounds.

I just bought protein shake stuff today.

I want to work out over my lunch break almost every day.

I also have insanity at home... but not a lot of room in my small apartment

Please someone tell me. How many calories should I be burning on an elipiital for a certain amount of time and is this protein stuff gonna make me gain anything??

Also, I want a bigger booty! What do I do to get it?? Help me!!

Give me all the advice you can to lose this 50 pounds!

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