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Look @ me now.

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Posts: 973
10/1/11 5:27 P

Keep it up, you're doing great!!!!!

Posts: 35
10/1/11 4:16 P

That is the best feeling! emoticon

SparkPoints: (13,566)
Fitness Minutes: (12,162)
Posts: 806
10/1/11 10:25 A

good job!

SparkPoints: (8,577)
Fitness Minutes: (2,122)
Posts: 111
9/30/11 1:17 P

Way to go!!

Posts: 4,000
9/29/11 4:55 P

emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (104,333)
Fitness Minutes: (68,637)
Posts: 3,785
9/29/11 1:38 P


SparkPoints: (23,474)
Fitness Minutes: (14,605)
Posts: 512
9/29/11 12:35 P

You have every reason to be proud!

Posts: 498
9/29/11 12:17 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (13,050)
Fitness Minutes: (15,691)
Posts: 293
9/29/11 11:05 A

Hi ya,
I just wanted to drop in and say...I took two pics of myself today....yep not scared just shot 'em w/my phone. I couldn't get my face but ya know it is me none the less. I have them posted on my sparks page photo area. I wanted to put them up here but, guess I can't.

I baught this shirt last winter and I tried it on when I got home for I was one of those people who WAS embarrassed to try stuff on at the store. Well, got it home and the thing was so tight ALL over I only wore it under a baggy shirt.
One year later almost and the shirt is baggy on me.

I took a pic of myself holding the shirt out at the side so you can see where I am and where the shirt is hanging. Then I took a pic of me holdin' the shirt in just so, it fits..not tight mind you just comfortable.

TWO fists full....wish I could of gotten a pic of that but, kind of hard with me takin' the pic ya know.

NOW I DID NOT drop much weight but, my INCHES are falling off of me...and ya know I spent the last year crying because I couldn't drop the weight like the rest of ya all. And this morning putting this shirt on...I was so darn toot'n happy I could of cried the ugly cry.

Anyway that is my story of PRIDE

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