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1/10/13 12:29 P

Well, you could go for just two pieces of bacon, two eggs made with non-stick spray instead of butter, and one piece of whole grain toast. The bulk of your calories should be at breakfast time anyway. Focus on veggies, fruits, and lean protien the rest of the day. You don't have to give it up totally-just only have it two days a week instead of every day.
Peanut butter toast? Oatmeal? You could ask your doc to refer you to the nutritionist just to try to get an idea of some changes you can make. All the best in your quest.

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1/10/13 12:24 P

My kids and I love turkey bacon so you could try that. However, my husband won't even think of it. He loves the thickest and fattest cuts of bacon out there! So I understand if that's not a good substitute for you. Maybe you could have your real bacon on the weekends or for a "Free" day but turkey bacon the other days. And maybe you could cut a yolk out and add an extra egg white? There's no substitute for real butter in my mind, but I only use a spray butter now. And of course you can try a "light" bread to cut out some calories. Start with one or two small changes and then keep adding! Good luck!

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1/10/13 9:49 A

Welcome back.
As you know, there are certain food triggers that are hard to resist. Do you eat that meal daily or just sometimes? Every once in awhile would be ok- it's a numbers game after all. Personally, I LOVE soy bacon, and rarely crave the regular bacon anymore cuz it satisfies me. Don't know if you've tried it... you could do a baked version of a hash brown, use whole wheat toast with some butter spray.. and scrambled eggs are ok if you don't eat a ton of em and don't use oil.
The important thing is, keep trying. Consistency is everything and there is an answer for every problem as long as you don't give up.

1/10/13 9:45 A

Hi Guys, It's been a long time since I've been here. I just sorta "gave up". Nothing was working on a consistent basis and I did not have the tenacity to keep going. I had a doctor's appt. yesterday and it wasn't good. My numbers are all out of wack. I've been looking for a good substitute for my "southern" breakfast which consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast w/butter. If I can find a suitable substitute for this meal, I might be able to take it from there. Any suggestions? emoticon


P.S. I have IBS and can't tolerate yogurt.

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