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6/27/13 6:19 A

Thank you! I will definitely look into it! I have heard of fit bit but never really checked it out and all the step counters I've had we're always inaccurate so I'm excited to check this out. Thanks again!

6/26/13 11:20 P

I strongly recommend that you look into getting a FitBit. For more information, go to

I use a FitBit One. It measures steps, miles, calories burned, floors climbed, and fitness minutes. It even measures the calories I burn while I sleep! There is a new model out called the Flex, which is a wrist band type device. The FitBit One is a device I wear on my belt.

It is the BEST pedometer/fitness device I have ever had!

It's accuracy is astounding. And it syncs directly into your SP Fitness tracker, so after setting up the sync, all you have to do is click daily on "Sync" in your SP Fitness tracker, and then click Save.

It is SO easy, and SO accurate!

Also, there is FitBit team here on SP!

I would be LOST without my FitBit.

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BONJOVIGIRL24 SparkPoints: (724)
Fitness Minutes: (1,110)
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6/26/13 10:30 P

Thank you!

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6/26/13 10:21 P

BONJOVIGIRL24 SparkPoints: (724)
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6/26/13 9:16 P

Hey everyone! Quick question! My job requires me to be on my feet anywhere from 8-11 hours. I am constantly walking around but it's in short intervals. Like walking to put something away and then there are times where I might be out in the warehouse and walking for longer intervals. Is there any semi-easy way to log that correctly when I'm tracking my workouts on here everyday? I normally try to figure out about how many minutes it all adds up to during the day but that can be tricky. I don't want to over or underestimate what I did. If I got a step counter could I log it that way? Any tips would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!

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