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5/5/14 8:08 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Best wishes. I agree with previous comments. Your doctor should be able to suggest a food plan or supplements to keep you from losing more weight. I never have had problems like that.

Sue- Northern Illinois

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5/5/14 5:18 A

Welcome and best wishes!

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5/4/14 11:55 P

A very dear friend of mine passed away from AIDS about 25 years ago...I still miss him.
He used Carnation Instant Breakfast and Ensure each 3 times a day. Start slowly and build up to this if you tolerate it. It stayed with him fairly well and although he was still very thin, it did cause him to gain weight.
Bless you and post again

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5/4/14 4:26 P

emoticon Rick!


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5/4/14 4:13 P

Hope you are taking advantage of the wonderful state of California's excellent medicine program! emoticon

I would highly recommend that you not have a private page (just remove any info you think is too identifying, or something?) because it's very hard to interact with the community, which is so important.

I thought there used to be a GAINING weight team around here but can't seem to find it.
There is this, though

My dad's family is in Sacramento. Lovely weather. Enjoy!

Always welcoming new members in The Hen House! We are small, active, and awesome:

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5/4/14 4:09 P

hello and welcome - i really dont know what you would be able to eat that will not make you sick - why not get a dietician on spark who can issist with your particular challenges

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5/4/14 3:29 P

emoticon emoticon

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4/30/14 12:30 A

emoticon Rick. I'm sorry for all you are dealing with. Some health issues can cause you to lose weight. I'd talk to your doctor about what you should do to add some weight. I'm sure they'd know what could help. Best of luck. emoticon

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4/29/14 10:52 P

I'm Rick and I will be moving to Sacramento in the near future. I have so much trouble keeping weight on. If any of you out there can identify with me, I could sure use your encouragement.
Currently 6', 130 lbs

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