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6/28/14 5:28 P

I am happy to read that you found something that works for you.

But for others that might be reading this thread, there is another possibility people might want to consider. Blood pressure. I started getting light-headed after exercise (but not during) last year and it turned out to be low blood pressure. I take meds for hypertension and had to decrease my dosages. Fortunately, I check my blood glucose and BP regularly... so I was able to check both as soon as I got light-headed and could quickly identify the problem.

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6/28/14 10:45 A

Hi HAWKTHREE: Thank you for responding to my question. I found, since I posted this question, that if I eat a piece of fruit and hydrate well before exercise, I am much less likely to experience low blood sugar episodes.

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6/20/14 10:48 A


To answer your question (because I am diabetic): yes, exercise can increase the likelihood of having low blood sugar episodes.

I find that a small amount of protein lowers the odds of this happening to me.

But that's me.

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6/20/14 9:40 A

drink more water

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6/19/14 10:24 A

Hi Coach Jen:

I did not eat before walking, but I did after I showered when I got back home. I ate a peanut butter sandwich on high fiber whole wheat bread and added a banana. I do have some water before and carry a water bottle with me in case I get thirsty. I may not have taken in enough water before and during. I will try eating a piece of fruit tomorrow morning before I begin and I will definitely drink more water. I do cool down by slowing my pace for the last three or four minutes and then stretch out when I get back home. Thank you for your advice. I will let you know how everything goes after I finish walking tomorrow.

God bless you,


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Run the race with your eye on the prize ... not the obstacles.
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6/19/14 6:47 A

Be sure to drink WATER!!!!!!

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6/19/14 6:46 A

Hi Nancy

Congrats on your progress so far! There could be a number of things going on which would cause you to feel lightheaded. How soon before the workout are you eating? If you are exercising first thing in the morning, you might try eating something small (like a banana) before you start.

Are you well-hydrated before you start, and are you drinking during and after the workout? That's especially important when it's really hot. Are you doing a good cool down after the walk is over?

Coach Jen

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6/19/14 2:40 A

Hello everyone! I'm Nancy. I've been using SparkPeople for 34 days now and I've lost 19lbs. I feel fantastic. I have led very sedentary lifestyle until now. Because of the changes in my life, I've got a concern that perhaps someone can help me with. Yesterday and today, after power walking at least 10 minutes, I began to feel light headed. Yesterday was about 20 minutes after I ate supper. It is really hot in Beijing (where I live) so, I thought that perhaps I was overheated. However, the same thing happened this morning after I finished a 40-minute power walk. I did not begin to feel light headed until about 20 minutes after I ate breakfast (which I ate after exercise and shower.) The feeling remained for about 45 minutes and finally cleared after I ate a frozen fruit bar. Can exercise bring about low blood sugar episodes? If so, how can I avoid this in the future. Should I see a doctor? BTW the photo with this post is not me. The woman is my mother. The photo is a reminder that I don't want to be ill like she is when I am her age.

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Run the race with your eye on the prize ... not the obstacles.
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