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9/14/13 12:45 P

It depends on what you're doing. Get a heart rate monitor if you want to know for sure. Folding laundry while sitting on the couch is definitely not cardio but I've gotten decent workouts scrubbing the hard water stains off my tub surround or raking the front yard.

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9/14/13 9:08 A

I have known people who count every move they make as "working out". Then they end up with huge calorie burn numbers that are not correct. I just think we need to only count actual exercise as a workout.

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9/13/13 7:32 P

no, it is not cardio.

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9/13/13 4:09 P

It does burn some calories, but I agree that it is not cardio. It is on the fitness page and you can track it if you type in "cleaning."

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9/13/13 3:41 P

Honestly, no. It's not going to get your heart rate into the cardio range, and if it's something you do on a regular basis, your body has adapted already and doesn't burn as much as it would as if it's a rare thing.

Be careful about falling into the trap of counting every little thing as exercise; activity is good, but that doesn't mean it boosts heart health nor that it burns a lot of calories.

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9/13/13 3:02 P

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I would like to know if light housekeeping can be considered a work out. If so, can anyone tell me approximately how many calories one would burn in an hour.
I tried finding out on my fitness page but was not successful.

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