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Also, on the bit that you go for a weight that exhauts you at 10 reps. Muscle fatigue is defined as the point at which you feel you cannot do another rep with the correct form. If you reach that point at 10, don't push for 12 - this is when bad form creeps in, which is both less effective in terms of training, and also increases your risk of injury.

(My apologies if I am misinterpreting your post).


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What you are doing is known as "supersetting" and is an entirely legitimate training technique, and very time-efficient. Best done if you alternate muscle groups (eg. an upper body exercise, followed by a lower body exercise, etc.


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When I'm at the gym lifting I generally pick a weight that exhausts me at about 10 reps, I try and push for 12, then move on to another machine, repeat the cycle then come back. I do this til I've done 3 sets on all machines. By the time I'm done, I could go back to the first exercise and do a set again if I wanted. Is that normal? Am I not pushing myself hard enough? Should I not be doing other exercises in between sets?

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