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FORUM:   Getting Fit Over 50

Lifting specifically for muscle mass: anyone else?

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11/30/12 3:57 P

Great job both with your weight loss AND building a strong, new body!

I'm still in the early days of getting serious about building muscle and admit I've let myself be sidetracked by indecisiveness about various methods (slow, super-slow, low reps, high reps - I'm sure you've read it all, too).

I've finally decided that it doesn't matter at this point which approach I take - it's just DOING it on an organized, consistent fashion that counts - for now.

My motivation is 4-fold:

Increasing my metabolism (I'm short and small, so that's a biggie)
Mitigating the effects of time on my spine and knees (stronger muscles help compensate for dessicated disks, aging cartilage, etc.)
Rebuilding bone density

Both my MD and physical therapist (both women in our age group) strongly encourage strength training, which I really appreciate.

As for successes - my arms look pretty good bare and I am seeing muscles all over that I didn't see six months ago. I'm also pretty darn 'functionally fit'. Forty pound bags of bird seed don't faze me at all.

Thanks for sharing your successes. It's great to find something new you really enjoy that also contributes so much to fitness and health. Congrats!!

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11/30/12 10:51 A

So I'm 50 (May 1962), my weightloss journey started five years ago and at first it was weightloss only through walking and healthy eating. I went from 240 to 160 in noine months. My friend's husband had asked me during that time what I was gonna do about loose skin. I didn't have an answer and then he suggest strength training as a way to help with the loose skin. So he gave me a few Muscle & Fitness magazines and invited me over to lift with to get started.

So I stared to lift weights and haven't stopped since. In those beginning days I just wanted to "tone-up" (whatever that means), I never dreamt that I would actually LIKE lifting weights until a co-worker of mine said, "Nice biceps" LOL, she may have been patronizing me and/or being supportive but I didn't care and liked the idea that someone thought I had muscles.

I made sure I didn't tell a soul but after about 6 months of lifting my friends, family and co-workers started to notice that my once deflated bag look was morphing into a bad ass look, LOL!

I did, however, have a few nay-sayers (of course, there are haters everywhere) who told me that lifting weights for muscle mass after 50 is bad for one's health. I don't believe that but I also don't take steroids, the most I do is protein shakes and only one a day on the day I lift, all other protein I get is from foods I eat.

Does anyone else here lift for muscle mass? And if so what are your successes? Mine have been how wide I was able to make my shoulders and I was able to make my butt go from flat and non-existent to round and noticeable.

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