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Your additional info in my spark page comment is very important!

When recovering from injury you normally DO lift much lighter weights and more reps. You should see a qualified physiotherapist and follow their directions.

Normally when I hurt myself it's no weights for a few weeks, then light weights for about 6 weeks (which is waaaay past when it feels okay again), before I'm allowed to challenge that muscle.

Don't risk further injury.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/12/13 3:15 P


Every move you do you should do as heavy a weight as you can do up to 12 maximum reps with. If you can do 12 for two sets, time to increase the weight.

You will use lighter weights when using smaller muscles - eg you can't bicep curl the same weight you bench press - larger muscle groups are involved in the second one.

THEEXERCISER Posts: 10,546
6/12/13 2:19 P

Should I do more reps with lighter weights then I do with heavier weights and I so how many more?

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