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9/17/11 9:25 P

Great insights! Thanks for the post!

ANGEMCC Posts: 38
9/17/11 5:42 P

Good for you THIN-BY-SPRING! emoticon

Sometimes it feels like such an uphill struggle resisting, especially sugary treats! And my mind will play tricks and tell me a moments laziness or a 'day off' won't hurt... but you're absolutely right! It does no good to slip into bad old habits.

Well done on your resolve, enjoy that new life. emoticon

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
9/17/11 4:52 P

Sounds like you are turning a corner with eating. I know that overeating actually makes all of it worse! But that momentary pleasure can be pretty seductive. It takes daily re-committment. I am convinced it is worth it. emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,082
9/16/11 6:50 P

Read Gary Taubes' book "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" as he shows how eating sugars/starches spikes our INSULIN which drives us to store fat and then the body releases GHERLIN that says "Oh, you are HUNGRY" so you want more sugar/starches and it is a vicious cycle. It makes us have depression so it is no wonder you turn to food when you are dealing with all these problems. Emotional wounds, sadness and hurt can't be fixed by carbs.
I got his book at the library and watched his clips on YouTube. I really learned a lot about getting my health back.

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
9/16/11 4:59 P

Thanks for sharing and giving me some things to think about.

9/16/11 3:03 P

Letting go of the emotional reasons I overeat. Overeating will not fill the hole in my heart by filling my stomach. Overeating will not bring back loved ones. Overeating will not cure sadness/hurt. Overeating will not heal old/new emotional wounds. Overeating does not make a bad day good.. . Overeating does Not cure problems, but Causes more. I am saying good-bye to old habits and creating new healthier ones. I am reclaiming my life. I am moving on and letting go of whats past. I am Creating a entire new, thinner, confident and proud me.

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