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On top of writing the letter, ask if your trainer is on this website, LINKEDIN.

Linked In is a website where working and out of work people "link" to one another professonally. It's not like Facebook. It's a website where managers or employers or clients can leave comments and recommendations for employees. Some people post a resume. When I was laid off from my last job, I was told to get on LINKEDIN in order to connect with other people who could help me find work. It's also a job posting website.

If your personal trainer is on this website (lots are), you can leave a comment and recommendation for them there. Many businesses look at LINKED the same way some people check Facebook. Tell your trainer about linked if they don't know about it. Tell them to set up an account and start making links to people they know or have done business with. You need to be on it too to leave a recommendation. the basic membership is free. if you want bells and whistles, you pay per month. The free website is fine.

As the PP noted, write about what you liked about your trainer. Were they motivating ? Did they know their subject matter ? Did they act professionally ? etc...

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Try to pick the three things you "like" best about her training style. Is she super motivating? Has she helped you achieve some goal? Do you find her friendly and helpful to others in the facility? I'd stay away from anything personal, but absolutely give examples.

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My trainer is moving to another state emoticon

I am going to write her a letter of recommendation. I am hoping by doing so, it will help her obtain another job in her new city.

I don't want it to be overly cheesy, but I want her future employers to know what an asset she would be to their business.

What types of things would be appropriate to include in this letter?

I figured this would be the best place to ask.

Thanks in advance.

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