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People outside the states are giving and giving to help children have better lifes.. What I think is a must see is whom has a plan for International aid and whom doesn't have a date for anything..

Canada 33 cents 0.33 No schedule yet
United States 21 cents 0.21 No schedule yet

Norway 110 cents 1.10 Already reached goal
Luxembourg 109 cents 1.09 Already reached goal
Sweden 97 cents 0.97 Already reached goal
Denmark 90 cents 0.90 Already reached goal
Netherlands 81 cents 0.81 Already reached goal
Belgium 64 cents 0.64 Scheduled two reach in 2012
United Kingdom 56 cents 0.56 Scheduled two reach in 2013
Finland 55 cents 0.55 Scheduled two reach in 2015
Ireland 53 cents 0.53 Scheduled two reach in 2015
France 50 cents 0.50 Scheduled two reach in 2015
Spain 43 cents 0.43 Scheduled two reach in 2015

emoticon come on Obama- work with EU buddy!

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Amazing video. Must see!

'In a year from now, you'll be wishing you had started today.'

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that you CHOOSE to be less than what you are,
but don't EVER tell me that you CAN'T DO IT.'
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