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8/4/11 2:08 P

I'm getting married in 23 days! I'm happy with where I am and am at the point where I have to maintain so that my dress fits well, but I WISH I had dropped those extra pounds! I slacked so badly in June and July. If I had taken advantage of those months I would be even happier, but it is what it is at this point. Now every time I don't feel like tracking or want to skip a workout, I ask myself, "will I appreciate or regret this decision next month?" It's helped me to stay motivated through the moment and it's a constant reminder that everything I do today affects my tomorrow. It also has helped me to stay on track through wedding stress/drama.

Congrats and good luck!

8/4/11 2:01 P

My wedding is in a year, but I'm amazed at how great my fiance is with all of this. As hard as it is to keep up with the diet and exercise, I know he loves me and wants to marry me no matter what, which adds a little calm to the storm. So yay for fiances that love us no matter what! :D

CATHELENA321 Posts: 28
8/3/11 1:55 P

I was that way when I was younger. I started maunching on celery. It is a negative calorie food if you can get past the taste. My wedding is in October and I am behind my goal as well. I have portion control issues. emoticon

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8/1/11 8:42 P

I hear you on this! My wedding is in 90 days, and despite my desire to start married life off on a healthy and thin foot, I have struggled to finds motivation. Work stress, home stress and a recent move have left me tired, depleted, and hungry. I made a notebook where I can keep track of my food, excercise and thoughts so I can plug them into sparkpeople. I filled the note book with positive thoughts, inspirational quotes, and mantras to stay focused. I also wrote a letter to myself, with a positive message. Hopefully it helps me shed a few inches before the wedding. Good luck ladies! and congrats!

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7/26/11 10:09 A

My inspiration comes from my wedding. I am still behind where I wanted to be (I made really optimistic plans) but I am losing weight anyway. I found a personal trainer on
auty.html who made up a calendar of workouts and diets for me. I haven't stuck to it 100% but it is helping slowly anyway. I'm going to keep doing it even after my wedding and hopefully I will be at my goal in time for my first anniversary!

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7/14/11 1:44 P

Hi! Congrads on your wedding!! I know what you mean about not being motivated! I dont know where it goes and where it comes from. One thing that motivates me is seeing pictures of myself where I am not at my thinnest and put it on the fridge....just imagine your wedding photos and how you dont want to take another memorable photo with the weight you still have on. Pictures really help me, like i said on the fridge so you dont go digging out of boredom....if you want to eat..just get out of the house...go somewhere pretty with your kids...and hopefully your want for eating will subside...hope this helps.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
7/13/11 10:52 A

My motivation is admittedly selfish and it's just for me. I started working out to lose weight and kept up with it cause I know it's not an immediate results deal, but I also found it made me feel good. So I've made it a priority to get up every morning and run or do pilates, something, anything. Maybe start with a small goal of 30 minutes 3x a week and go from there. Finding a workout you enjoy makes a big difference too. Good Luck!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! :)

ERIKA91011 Posts: 12
7/13/11 10:16 A

Hi everyone! I'm also getting married, and very soon. My wedding date is September 10th. I can't seem to get rid of this baby weight. I'm a stay at home mom with a 9 month old son. My fiance is a truck driver, and is away half of the week. I am by myself, hence, I'm a boredom eater. I can't seem to get away from this. I'm really want to do my best to work hard for the next two months so I can feel good, even if I don't have a ton of results. I just wish I was more motivated. The fact that I'm getting married isn't motivation enough. Where does your motivation come from?

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