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KKKERRY Posts: 1
1/26/10 9:33 P

I have two diffrent 5-mile dvd's and I alternate doing them five days a week. I add 2.5 pound weights on each anckle and during the arm sculpting miles I use five pounds weights. Its a great workout!

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6/12/09 7:26 A


The only way you will truly have an accurate count of calories burned in any activity is to wear a heart rate monitor. Any other number is just an estimate of what an average person would burn, which is what SP provides--an estimate and nothing more.

I will say I can burn up to 450 calories doing Leslie's 5-mile walk. Her videos are a great workout! I'm 5'2, 123 lbs. and, ahem, 48 years old (older than dirt to my 17 yo). I wear a Polar F6 monitor when I work out--best investment I ever made!

6/12/09 7:08 A

Glad you asked this question. I was just about to ask the same thing. I did one of her DVD's yesterday and I really liked it. I did part of the Four Fast Miles DVD. I'm trying to get back into the routine of exercising so I'm taking baby steps. :)

MJANV1970 Posts: 195
6/12/09 12:51 A

I just did the "5-Day Slim" tonight and it kicked my behind! Each mile focuses on a specific body part. It's a great DVD, in my opinion! I'm hoping I worked off the bowl of ice cream I had right before! :-O

TKLDANI Posts: 29
6/11/09 9:51 P

I really enjoy her tapes, I do the 2 and 3 mile dvds. It is a workout I like and I burn calories emoticon

BMKPOE Posts: 127
6/11/09 8:34 P

I track her dvd's as low impact aerobics because she does other thing than just walking. I burn about 100 per mile with her dvd. :)

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6/11/09 7:10 P

i would think that doing the other things leslie has u doing while doing the wlaking would give you a higher calorie burn than just straight walking.

MMSCHON Posts: 51
5/28/09 1:12 P

Your welcome emoticon

MJANV1970 Posts: 195
5/28/09 12:51 P

Thank you! :)

MMSCHON Posts: 51
5/28/09 12:30 P

Walking 3 mph for 65 minutes would burn 302 calories.
Walking 4 mph for 65 minutes would burn 357 calories.
I used a website to figure this out, just put in your weight and the amount of time you walked. Ill put the link below so you can go check it out.

MJANV1970 Posts: 195
5/28/09 12:24 P

I did the 5-mile walk DVD this morning (65 min.), working at Leslie's pace. Does anyone have any idea of how many calories I may have burned? I am 38 years old, female, 5'7 and 141 lbs. Thanks!

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