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Leslie Sansone 5-mile walk: calories burned???

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1/26/10 9:33 P

I have two diffrent 5-mile dvd's and I alternate doing them five days a week. I add 2.5 pound weights on each anckle and during the arm sculpting miles I use five pounds weights. Its a great workout!

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6/12/09 7:26 A


The only way you will truly have an accurate count of calories burned in any activity is to wear a heart rate monitor. Any other number is just an estimate of what an average person would burn, which is what SP provides--an estimate and nothing more.

I will say I can burn up to 450 calories doing Leslie's 5-mile walk. Her videos are a great workout! I'm 5'2, 123 lbs. and, ahem, 48 years old (older than dirt to my 17 yo). I wear a Polar F6 monitor when I work out--best investment I ever made!

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6/12/09 7:08 A

Glad you asked this question. I was just about to ask the same thing. I did one of her DVD's yesterday and I really liked it. I did part of the Four Fast Miles DVD. I'm trying to get back into the routine of exercising so I'm taking baby steps. :)

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6/12/09 12:51 A

I just did the "5-Day Slim" tonight and it kicked my behind! Each mile focuses on a specific body part. It's a great DVD, in my opinion! I'm hoping I worked off the bowl of ice cream I had right before! :-O

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6/11/09 9:51 P

I really enjoy her tapes, I do the 2 and 3 mile dvds. It is a workout I like and I burn calories emoticon

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6/11/09 8:34 P

I track her dvd's as low impact aerobics because she does other thing than just walking. I burn about 100 per mile with her dvd. :)

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6/11/09 7:10 P

i would think that doing the other things leslie has u doing while doing the wlaking would give you a higher calorie burn than just straight walking.

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5/28/09 1:12 P

Your welcome emoticon

Posts: 195
5/28/09 12:51 P

Thank you! :)

Posts: 51
5/28/09 12:30 P

Walking 3 mph for 65 minutes would burn 302 calories.
Walking 4 mph for 65 minutes would burn 357 calories.
I used a website to figure this out, just put in your weight and the amount of time you walked. Ill put the link below so you can go check it out.

Posts: 195
5/28/09 12:24 P

I did the 5-mile walk DVD this morning (65 min.), working at Leslie's pace. Does anyone have any idea of how many calories I may have burned? I am 38 years old, female, 5'7 and 141 lbs. Thanks!

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