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3/19/12 4:24 P

I love BodyPump - if you google it, you can find calorie burning estimates for men and women during the typical BodyPump class (be sure you find a study not funded by LesMiles...their estimates are much higher). I use a number I found this way and I enter Bodypump under cardio - I just keep in mind that it's definitely an estimate. This way I can give myself credit for that super hard hour (yay, bodypump!) without totally guessing.

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3/12/12 11:21 P

Sparkspeople can't track strength training because of the issue with age, sex, physical built, and fitness level.. I set my calorie range by this calculator as mean strength training has to be accounted too.. I hate guessing and it gives me information how to use my calorie range correctly in time with cardio as one unit of exercise and strength training as one unit of exercise..

I put in the range this site sets for me- no problems undereating and hunger with relationship to strength training being put into the maths..

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3/12/12 1:34 P

We only put workouts into the database if their calories burned have been studied and reported by independent research. Here's an Ask the Expert you might find helpful:

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3/12/12 1:15 P

This is primarily to the staff at SP could you make an entry in the strength training tracker for bodypump please? If you can't please put in something comperable. I have been entering it into the quick entry but then it doesn't pick up as strength training

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