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LADY_SHAE Posts: 12
6/28/11 11:53 P

Great feedback! I'm glad to hear other helpful point of views, thank you. emoticon

PLYNSN316 Posts: 375
6/25/11 7:12 P

The claim that the "honey binds fat" and helps the body rid of fat cells has no scientific basis.

Look back at basic biology. When we eat (or drink foods), the saliva in our mouths helps to break down the food to make it easier for our tummy to do it's job. The food enters our stomach, where more digestion occurs with the help of gastric juices. During this phase, what we have consumed is further broken down.

The contents of the stomach are then termed "chyme". Chyme enters the small intestines where the nutrients from our food/beverage is further broken down and absorbed by the body. Everything is broken down by digestive enzymes into their building blocks (usable components for the body).

At no point during consumption does honey remain droplets of honey. It is broken down into glucose molecules which is used, or stored as fat, by the body. Glucose molecules do not bind to fat molecules and they cannot force the release of stored fat in the body. In fact, increased glucose in the diet (as with increased anything, other than water) will increase your fat cells, thereby expanding your waist line.

There's no trick to weight loss - it's a journey. Eat whole, healthy, foods - as close to the earth as possible (i.e. unprocessed). Eat responsibly, exercise, and ensure hydration.

Best of luck on your journey!

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (220,640)
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6/25/11 6:35 P

I would like to see the scientific studies that back up these claims. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with drinking water, and the way you're flavoring it, with honey and lemon, probably won't do much harm. But as a magical weight loss aid? Color me skeptical.

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
6/25/11 2:00 P

"I heard the raw honey attaches to the fat in your body by creating a paste like substance around the oily fat and removes it."

I'm willing to bet money that you heard this from somebody who sells raw honey, or from somebody who heard it from somebody who sells raw honey. It's not true. It's not physically/chemically possible. That's just not how our bodies or those substances work.

That said, if it's only a teaspoon of honey and you're only drinking it once a day, it's not going to hurt anything, and if you find it reduces your hunger, that's a good thing. Honey is pure sugar, but a teaspoon is only 20-25 calories. Most of us can afford 25 calories of sugar in a day, especially if it's in a drink that makes us feel good in the morning. Even if (even though) the benefit is psychological, it's still a benefit that's worth the calories.

One little thing, though; with honey, "raw" doesn't mean "not cooked;" it means "not filtered." Raw honey has everything that came out of the hive with it, including bee parts. That won't hurt you, but personally I find it kind of gross, and I'd rather have honey that's been through a strainer. I certainly wouldn't pay more for the raw kind!

WOLFSPIRITMOM SparkPoints: (89,902)
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6/25/11 12:45 P

Sounds good and honey is sugar but so much more.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (275,333)
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6/25/11 10:57 A

1) drinking a large glass of water before any meal gives you a feeling of being full thus you eat less
2) ice cold water burns more calories as your body tries to warm it's insides
3) lemon juice alone s/b sufficient
4) honey?????

drink at least 80 ounces of water daily.. make it habit

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
6/25/11 7:10 A

if you try plain water, it should work for the filling feeling.
as far as lemon and honey go, there are on three things that they do particularly well. if you have a sore throat, lemon helps cut through the gunk in your throat and honey helps by standing in for the good throat coating that the junky sore throat stuff strips away. and if you buy local honey, it's supposed to make you less sensitive to local allergens.

i'm pretty sure honey doesn't bind to fat. and if it does, well, it just means that they get digested together later on. there isn't anything in it to prevent the fat from being digested and used.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/25/11 12:30 A

Try not to confuse natural with good for weight loss.. Honey buttom line is still simple sugar like white sugar and can spike our blood sugar.. We don't need cleansing, we have kidneys and a liver designed to do this, if people show a little good will and eat healthy all the time..
Just drink it because it tastes slightly better then boring tap water.. Remember to log the honey..

LADY_SHAE Posts: 12
6/24/11 11:30 P

Hello All,

I have started drinking room temperature water,100% pure lemon juice, and raw honey in the morning to aid my weight loss. I heard the raw honey attaches to the fat in your body by creating a paste like substance around the oily fat and removes it. Also that the lemon cleanses your body of unwanted substances, while the warm water cleanses your system too. I have only been drinking this mixture a few days and I find it reduces my hunger I haven't checked my measurements or weight yet because I try to only weigh myself once a week (my weekly weigh in isn't until Monday) so I don't know my up to date results as of yet. Does anyone actually have any weight loss results from using this mixture?

I will make sure to update this post in about two weeks with any results. The measurements I received were two teaspoons of 100% Pure Lemon Juice, one teaspoon of Raw Honey, one 8 oz cup of room temperature water.

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