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10/19/12 8:19 A

They have always done it but not as bad as they do now. I am going to try to stretch longer before a run and I usually don't stretch after so I will start doing that. I am also going to try some compression pants. I eat a banana a day and snack on sunflower seeds so I think I get enough potassium.


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10/18/12 9:08 P

Looks like you have been doing this awhile, has this always been the problem or just recently? I had a bit of tightening when I first started, but have worked hard at warmup and only moving up when ready. So after first getting my legs working right, I really haven't had any issues ever since. That being said, if I don't run for a couple weeks(such as being on vacation, etc), I do have to back off a bit and do find my legs can be a bit tight at first. But after a couple runs, my legs are back to having no problems.

I do eat bananas and take a potassium supplement and try to eat many good foods to keep the potassium up.

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10/18/12 2:24 P

You might also look at getting more potassium in your diet (bananas, pistachios, avocado, seeds, and fish are all good sources). My husband use to get muscle spasms/cramps in his legs and his doctor recommended eating more potassium and that seems to have stopped the problem.

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10/18/12 1:57 P

I started a yoga regiment but I have not been able to crosstrain with my daughter in volleyball. Now that volleyball is over I will climb back on the elliptical on my crosstrain days and see if that helps. The tightening isn't a cramping just a burning and tightening. I do start and end with a 5 minute walk. I drink water all day long but not gatorade, maybe a gatorade will do the trick with some crosstraining.

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10/18/12 1:04 P

Cramps can happen. Try a little warm up, and a lot of stretching. This should let you know if it's a muscle problem or a running problem. Take in lots of extra and electrolytes. The cramps will probably slowly go away. Until then try swapping out some runs with cross training.

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10/18/12 12:59 P

I have gotten leg cramps occassionally when running, but that hasn't happened in a while and it just sort of stopped on its own.

Do you start off walking so you can warm up? Also are you taking time to cool down and stretch after your run? You might also try crosstraining with yoga or pilates.

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10/18/12 11:40 A

Does anyone have problems with their legs tightening up when they run? About 10 minutes into my run my legs start tensing up on me. I am wondering if I need compression leggings?

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