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1/11/13 5:02 P

I second the recommendation to talk a PT. I made an upper back injury much worse by trying to workout "around" it, and the PT's suggestions were spot on and helped me get it back under control.

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ooh - I can help, lol. This past Monday a group of us local gals had a weigh in to start the new year off right & will work together to get fit. While out & about earlier that day, I suddenly developed severe foot pain upon walking - mostly up a slight stair or stepping on a crooked sidewalk. So I favored that foot/leg most of the day. By the time evening (and weigh-in time) got there, my knee was hurting sooooo bad, I almost cried w/ each step. This pain lasted for 3 days. I was despairing because we were starting something new & I felt I may not make any head way, not being able to walk run, jog, lunge, etc. I gritted my teeth and lowered myself to the floor - determined to do any exercise I could from Spark People's exercise pages. So I did one of the 2 required supermans, then did one of the sets of the lying leg curl, then the other required superman, then the other set of the curls. After this, I did 2 sets of pendulums, then 2 sets each of both the lying adduction & abduction, some lying scissors in the air, ending with the reverse crunches. I only felt a little discomfort while doing these at first. But, I was still dreading getting myself up off the floor. I rolled over to my belly, put my good leg's foot on the floor & raised my self up. I gingerly started walking back to the computer & realized I had absolutely NO PAIN. I had heard that the Core Exercises pulled the spine back in alignment & strengthened the muscles around it, but had NO IDEA that those same Core exercises would put the ligaments around my knee back where they belonged - but I guess they did. Please give this a try. Good luck!

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Have you spoken to your doctor and gotten clearance for exercise? When dealing with an injury, it's important not to do too much, too soon, or you risk exacerbating the injury and extending recovery time. It's likely not appropriate for you to be doing anything like that.

I would call your doctor, and if you're cleared for exercise, ask for a referral to a physical therapist who can design a program design for your individual needs. The nature of an injury like that is such that we really can't (and shouldn't) advise you on what to do.

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1/11/13 12:20 A

I've had a knee injury for awhile now and im struggling to find leg workouts I can add into my strength/muscle routine. Any suggestions?

I cant lunge, squat, jump, or push off of things (step-ups) :I

So far ive been doing reverse lunges (lifting my leg up rather than going down), and hip ab/adductions, romanian deadlifts

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