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2/18/13 12:39 A

I have done this more times than I can count. I handle it differently now than I used to. I used to beat myself up about it which led to more bad habits. Now, I realize that this is the way it goes for me sometimes and it doesn't bother me. I just get back to the healthy habits and let life take its course. I no longer worry about losing weight in a hurry and tend to set my goals to reflect how I feel rather that what I weigh. emoticon

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2/17/13 5:43 P

I lost over 120 pounds years ago and managed to keep most of it off, but this is still a constant struggle for me. I allow myself to have a treat, or a free day or just give in to temptation. In the moment, it feels as if it's over, like the damage cannot be undone. The truth is - it can be undone. We can always get back on track, and our goals are always with our reach....if we keep trying.

This post was just what I needed to see after having 3 days that were pretty off track.


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2/17/13 5:17 P

Good for you for not giving up! All-or-nothing thinking is something that I think we all have to conquer. We are human. You cannot eat a perfectly healthy diet 100% of the time. It's not realistic. You are going to run into times like this when you get off-track.

Whenever I've run into similar situations in the past, I've thought to myself about how many times I've eaten that much unhealthy food without even thinking about it. How many weeks have I eaten 3000+ calories a day without even noticing? The key is to do better, to make progress. And if I eat 3000 calories of junk one day, that is just one day of what I would have been doing anyway. It's not the end of the world. But I have a chance with every new day to make better decisions for myself. And the more times you make those better decisions, the easier they become.

2/17/13 2:52 P

I'm sure we all have a story like this! You should be so proud that you didn't allow yourself to quit because you were derailed. When anyone ever asks me, "How do you get back on track after a bad day/week/month?" It's simple. You just... get back on track. You forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

I got off track on Valentines Day, allowed myself a no-tracking day as a "gift" to me. And what a terrible gift it was! Despite telling myself I wasn't going to track, I did. And I did SO much damage to my body! So many extra calories, so much sugar, and so much fat! Valentines chocolates, Dominos, sweet tea, UGH.

But the next day, I got up and hit the gym and was back on track eating right. Preliminary weigh-in this morning looks like I'm still going to lose over a lb this week despite the awful day I had, all because I didn't allow myself to be defeated by one bad day.

Keep up the good work!

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2/17/13 12:40 P

Left for vacation and my diet pretty much went out the window, when i came back after a week i was eating pretty healthy but snacking here and there. Yesterday I went completely off (fast food,fried chicken,ice cream)

I really sat down and thought yesterday that i'm not gonna quit like i have every other time. Woke up today and did 40 minutes of cardio. Now im off to the basment to use the gazelle. I'm upset that i got derailed but happy to be back on the path. DONT QUIT! lol :)

Anybody else have a similar story?

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