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6/30/14 7:28 A

Thank you everyone! This weekend I actually made a pizza with it, it came out AMAZING!!!! Better than I expected. I chopped up the chicken so it would be more saucier, and brushed the crust with some oil and put the chicken marsala all over, baked... it came out REALLY good,and I used up almost all of the chicken so I wont have to waste any now =)

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6/27/14 2:58 P

Put some in a wrap with fresh veggies and/ or portion it and freeze it for later use.

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6/27/14 1:38 P

Chop it all up, heat it up in a pan and pour egg whites on top. Cook a few minutes then pop it under the broiler till the eggs are fully cooked.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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6/27/14 1:24 P

freeze and eat later.

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6/27/14 12:02 P

I have aloooot of left over chicken Marsala. There is only so much rice and chicken one can eat in a week, I am looking for different ways to eat it. I read online you can make a pizza with chicken marsala which I want to try, it sounds good! Any other suggestions?

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