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BKNOCK Posts: 18,434
5/7/14 8:08 P

That i how my boss is too!

SBURDEN Posts: 10,805
5/7/14 9:43 A

My work is relatively flexible. As long as I get my work done in 8 hours it doesn't always matter which hours i am here to do it!

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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Posts: 1,169
5/7/14 7:59 A

I am contractually obligated to be at work from 7:30 until 3:45. I am usually here until 5:00 or so, so when I told my boss that I had to take the cat the vet Monday, he didn't blink an eye when I did not get to work until after 10. Today the movers came at 9:30 so I didn't come in until 10:30. I wasn't teaching a class, and there is no one who is inconvenienced by my not being there, so it was not a big deal.

That being said, my boss knows exactly who leaves early, who leaves exactly at 3:45, and who stays until their work is done. Other people would not have been allowed to roll in a couple hours late twice in one week.

SCHECK5 SparkPoints: (429,733)
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Posts: 10,661
5/7/14 6:27 A

I'll leave work sometimes but only if we have extras to replace me....I work in childcare so we always need to be in ratio.

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/7/14 12:37 A

It's one thing to leave early if you're 100% done, you can't assist someone else that could use the help and you don't make it a habit. You already said that you come in late. Leaving early just leaves you vulnerable. I think you need to take a professional stance and do the work you need to do and not be a slacker.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
4/29/14 12:51 P

I would not leave work early. Just because I could. Unless my boss came to me and said, you're obviously done for the day, go home. I couldn't just up and leave without permission.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,637
4/29/14 12:20 P

Eh, I see both sides of the coin with this one. Would I leave work early just because I can? No. It's just not in me. I'm an independent consultant. Which honestly means I can come in every day when I feel like, and leave every day when I feel like it. But I'm typically the first person here and one of the last to leave. It's just who I am. I ask for, look for and find more work. The businesses I work with find value in that and have rewarded me accordingly.

But I've also worked in big corporate world -where I had an employer who took advantage of my time, lunches, nights, weekends - 24/7 phone calls. And on days when I could get out without anyone caring and still have my work done - I would have been more apt to do so. But I also ended up leaving that job because I was unappreciated and overworked.

Perhaps there's more to your question than meets the eye. Are you happy where you work?

4/29/14 12:15 P


PBAILEY06 SparkPoints: (38,682)
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Posts: 629
4/29/14 11:58 A

I work in an office and receive a salary, I don't have strict hours that state I have to be here exactly at 8 am and can't leave until 5 pm. If my work is done, then there is nothing wrong with leaving a little early or coming in a little late.

Do I average 40 hours a week? Depends on how long of a time period you look at. Right now my office is slow, unbelievable slow. I left early both Friday and Monday. So did my boss. Now a month ago, I was swamped and working late most days.

I think my answer to the OP's question is that it depends on what your work environment is rather than what your work ethic is. When my work is done, can I stay that extra 30 minutes and just man the phone and e-mails? Yes. Can I leave 30 minutes early, pick up my son early and have a little better work and life balance? Yes. Do I have times when I am coming in early and working late? Also yes. It balances out in the end.

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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Posts: 611
4/29/14 10:14 A

I don't see anything wrong with leaving early every once in a while, especially if all your work is done. I work in a similar office and I will leave 10-15 minutes early occasionally. I also get in 30 minutes early because you never know with rush hour traffic. Just don't make it a habit because you never know who is watching and will tell your boss or owner.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,092
4/29/14 9:53 A

there is almost always stuff that can be done around an office even if "your work" is done.

BKNOCK Posts: 18,434
4/28/14 9:53 P

I work crazy hours and I do leave early when I get the chance because most days I work almost 10 hours.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
4/28/14 9:35 P

If you have finished your work for the day and are only leaving a few minutes early one day it is probably not a big deal. If you come late and leave early a lot it probably won't look good even if you don't get in trouble.

I personally would stay. I'd probably be goofing off a bit if I had no more work to do for the day but I'd be there.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,034
4/28/14 6:12 P

"So the question is.. should I leave early, just because I can?"


SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
4/28/14 5:23 P

MRSLUNA Relax and Chill. If you ask a question you have to be thick skinned enough to take others opinions. You ASKED for them. emoticon Everyone has the right to their own opinion including you. Don't let what others think throw you off your game. Its your life and your job do what works for you. emoticon

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ANDILH Posts: 1,543
4/28/14 4:56 P

I kinda get where the OP is coming from feeling judged. Frankly, she has no say in how mismanaged her company is...sounds like she's at the bottom of the food chain, so even if the mismanagement is part of premium cost/benefit, she really has nothing to do with it.
I had a similar job at one point where I could pretty much set my own hours as long as my work was done. There were days I worked from home because the weather was crummy and I didn't want to commute or sometimes just because.
My ethic has nothing to do with leaving early for a little mental health break every now and then. Being late, well, I probably wouldn't do that unless I was attempting to make a point. And before anyone calls my work ethic into question I currently have a full time job, 2 part time jobs and attend school part time in addition to caring for my severely multiply impaired adult sister. So I don't want to hear anyone questioning my work ethic or judging it based on my saying I'd leave work early now and then too. emoticon
Anyone's work ethic would be compromised after working in sub optimal conditions for very long. If no one else cares it's hard for a person to continue caring for very long no matter how gung ho they were at the beginning. Unless they have the power to make change that is.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/28/14 4:32 P

Whoa! Chillax a little bit. All you got was, what, 3 responses?

Lol, I was kinda gonna side with you!

Were you talking to the people that responded to you?

"Time and time again I'm presented with ignorant, judgmental drones who think they can just speak to anyone any way they want. Well, let this be a warning to you- some of us, are at our wits end so before you go judging everyone thinking you're so much better just because I want to leave work early ONE FREAKING DAY, why don't you consider another human being on this planet for once? "

I really didn't see anything horrible posted.

lol....don't make regale you with the infamous Pajama Pant Thread story!! emoticon

MRSLUNA148 SparkPoints: (106)
Fitness Minutes: (22)
Posts: 2
4/28/14 4:14 P

Ok.. I was hoping SP users had senses of humor.

Look guys, I could cut your judgments with a knife. Did I ever say my work wasn't done? Matter of fact, pretty sure I said I had one more thing to do until I could leave.

And I was raised with a strong work ethic, thank you. I was also raised to be polite to my elders which is why the end of that sentence says "thank you," instead of an expletive. I've worked at this company for several years, I take work home with me, I work on the weekends, I work on my lunch hour because of stupid smart phones and email being accessible everywhere- and for what? I don't even have a title- I'm a "representative." Why? Because this place is mismanaged and small, yes, but also because the only other place to go up, unless they generate a new position out of thin air, is the position of my supervisor, who has slept with/is sleeping with the CEO, so I'm pretty sure her position is locked up pretty tight.

Time and time again I'm presented with ignorant, judgmental drones who think they can just speak to anyone any way they want. Well, let this be a warning to you- some of us, are at our wits end so before you go judging everyone thinking you're so much better just because I want to leave work early ONE FREAKING DAY, why don't you consider another human being on this planet for once?

Jeez, lighten up.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,155)
Fitness Minutes: (294,373)
Posts: 27,077
4/28/14 4:08 P

Just because you can do something, does it mean that you should.

Some companies don't mind if an employee comes in a little late or leaves a little early as long as they get their work done. The old company that I used to work for was like that. 10-15 mins here or there they didn't mind. However, that doesn't mean it's okay to leave 30 minutes early every single day. If you start leaving early every day, it implies that you don't have any work to do to fill your time.

So, do you have work that needs to be done ? Is there work you can catch up on even though it might not be due ? Because if people see you leave early, it does imply there is nothing to keep you busy and so, they might consider letting you go.

I think many companies expect their employees will try to sneak out early on Fridays, but Mondays ? that's pushing it.

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SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
4/28/14 3:56 P

Wow, is this mismanagement and poor employee ethics part of the reason our insurance premiums are so high comparative to the benefits we potentially receive?

Um, no, personally if I was paid to be working from a certain time to a certain time, I'd be there doing the work. But then again I was raised with strong work ethics and it would not really matter even if nobody would notice I was gone. If I actually needed to leave early, I would tell someone and get it okayed first.

CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (36,232)
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Posts: 2,677
4/28/14 3:37 P

Not unless all my work is done.

MRSLUNA148 SparkPoints: (106)
Fitness Minutes: (22)
Posts: 2
4/28/14 3:31 P

My job is a little different from most. It's an office job, a small business. We're a third party administrator (TPA) to insurance companies (which means we do the administrative stuff behind insurance that people don't really think of- disbursing premium payments to carriers and agents, sending fulfillment documents, etc).

Anyways, aside from it being small, it's incredibly disorganized with not very much management. I seriously have been 15-30 minutes late every day since February and no one has said a single word. I probably could leave right now and a couple people might notice, but I wouldn't get in trouble, matter of fact I don't think anyone would even ask me tomorrow what happened.

That all being said, I'm really not feeling work today. Kind of want to leave a little bit early. Nothing crazy, I still have at least 30 mins left of work to do (something that can't wait until tomorrow). So the question is.. should I leave early, just because I can?

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