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4/14/14 3:46 P

I love Jimmy Johns. I usually get the turkey, but it looks like the roast beef is actually a little lower in sodium.

I like their website because you can get a customized calorie count of your sandwich, factoring in whatever you like on it. It may not be totally healthy, but at least you can see the nutritional counts for exactly what you're getting.

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4/14/14 3:23 P

I always get the turkey at Jimmy John's.

I'd be shocked if the chicken at Subway is less processed than anything else. Those aren't real grill marks, those are the painted on kind.

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4/14/14 7:43 A

I would just aim for the one lowest in sodium. Roast beef sounds like a great option, and load up on veggies.

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4/13/14 9:42 P

I usually get the Big John (roast beef) with a lettuce wrap instead of bread

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4/13/14 5:26 P

i'd stick with the turkey tom

here's an article explaining the best and worst sandwiches at jimmy john's

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4/13/14 3:44 P

So I'm probably just asking about the small stuff that really doesn't matter at all. Just curious if anyone has an opinion here. Like, when I go to subway I'll get oven roasted chicken just because I think that may be a little better than the sliced deli meat. My parents, being awesome, just sent me a $50 gift card to Jimmy John's because they deliver and with finals and senior design project finishing up there's a lot of nights I'll be spending in the labs and library studying and working and not able to get home and make something for dinner.

Any of the meats better options than the others? I don't really like mayo anyway so that cuts calories a ton from them by their website. If I haven't worked out that day or already ate decent, I'll probably just get an unwhich to get some meat and something in my stomach to focus. If I'm really hungry or hadn't really eaten much after lifting I'd get their wheat bread.

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