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4/18/14 1:47 P

I learned to cook from Real Simple recipes and watching cooking shows, but any simple recipe will do.

Technique and flavor instinct comes with time and practice.

Parchment paper fish with vegetables is a great meal to start with. It's almost impossible to mess up, it's very pretty if you're cooking for a friend.

2/12/14 3:16 P

I like this site because the meals are basic but tasty. Each one has a step by step, photographic guide as well which I find helpful as I like to know what things should vaguely look like:

And the headline reads something like: My stomach is full and so is my wallet!

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2/9/14 2:23 P

I just got finished reading "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School" and I would highly recommend it. It's partly a motivational story of a chef teaching cooking classes for women with no kitchen skills and partly a bunch of ideas/recipes. What I really loved is that there's basic instructions for cooking veggies, baking chicken or making vinaigrette and then a bunch of ways to change the flavors. That way you can master a few recipes and make them new with a couple of tweaks. Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" is a great one too- tons of simple recipes that are all about really fresh ingredients. Also, get yourself a good chef's knife and learn proper knife technique (tons of videos on youtube for this). Prep work will be easier and much more enjoyable. Most important is to just get in your kitchen and do it. If you mess it up, it's just one meal.

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2/7/14 11:47 P

I'd suggest trying the semi-homemade website. Sandra Lee also has a show on food network. Her deal is mixing homemade with premade stuff. When I was learning to cook I used a lot of her recipes.

I also cooked from recipes by Alton Brown. I found them to be pretty straight forward, mostly, and they did not require many tweeks to fit into my healthy lifestyle.

Something else that helped me was to start small. For example, I would work on dicing onions, garlic and bell peppers, sautee them in oil, then get chicken breasts, a mexican or saffron rice mix that just needed water added. Put it all together and cook until the rice was done. Easy! Once I was used to that, I moved on to other things- Spaghetti, tacos, and things that required baking, like lasagnas.

I'm not the worlds best cook, but I've gotten to the point when I use 65% homemade and 35% premade, instead of the other way around. And I feel so much more comfortable in the kitchen now then I did a few years ago.

Good luck!

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2/7/14 7:00 P

I need to learn how to cook! If I am going to take charge of my health and try and cut out a lot of processed food, I need to learn how to cook. I really don't like to cook because I am so impatient with everything. Besides SP are there any blogs, books, sights that you recommend for a beginner with easy and not with a lot of complicated ingredients.

Thank you

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