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6/24/14 9:21 P

Welcome back we are glad to hear from you. Yes we sometimes get a little lax about our tracking and it get us into trouble with our selves.

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6/24/14 8:32 P


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6/24/14 7:22 P

Hi Becky,
Welcome Back!
Best of luck as you continue your Spark journey.

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6/24/14 1:04 P

Hi! I'm Becky. I joined a few years ago, and was successful-ish. Between Spark and WW, I lost about 30 pounds, then got arrogant and thought "geez, I don't need to track. I got this!" Well, I don't "got" this. yet. But I will get back there again, and I intend to keep going. I am 60 pounds from my healthy weight range. Being in my late 30's doesn't help, but I can't let that stop me. In fact, it should motivate me even more.

I'm re-learning to pack my lunches for work, pre-plan our suppers (hello crockpot), and fit in exercise (even if it's not an official "work-out").

It's always fun to start anew, but I'll need some extra encouragement after the new wears off!

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

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