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7/6/13 2:51 P

Hmm, a big part of your problem is how to dress cute and warm! You will have to dress in layers to stay warm.
Try a camisole with a long sleeved T and a pretty shirt with nice slacks, warm socks and half boots.

Or a chunky sweater over a long skirt with knee high boots.

A silky blouse with a blazer over slacks.

Good luck staying warm...I think the cute will be easier!

7/6/13 1:59 P

I agree that you should always try stuff on at the store and ask others around what they think. There are some stores that have shopping consultants and they are so helpful! I don't know where you live but where I am there is a store called Maurice's and they have plus and standard sizes and you walk in a sales person comes up and asks what you are looking for and before you can even blink you have a room full of clothes to try! It is awesome and you leave feeling good about yourself because they pick things that work for your shape and size instead of you (me) picking things I hope I can wear and feeling like poo when it doesn't work.

HOPEFULLY117 Posts: 34
7/6/13 1:12 P

thanks so much for all your tips! Keep them coming! Hahaha. Mlan, I do not have cable to watch shows on TLC :( I've seen some of those though, and they do have great tips. Glitterfairy, I don't think life is over! I'm still relatively healthy and have a boyfriend who has no problem with the extra pounds, so I'm very lucky. Just sick of not having any cute clothes to wear. When I do go shopping I usually never find anything and just get depressed and give up, which is why I ask for help. Thank you for all the links and ideas!! You guys ROCK!!!

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7/6/13 12:36 P

The best thing you can do is try clothes on in the store. You cannot go strictly by size as manufacturers differ greatly in their sizing. Just go in and try things on. Also, ask the store employees for help and look at their displays. They offer lots of tips. Make a day of it and try try try!

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7/6/13 8:56 A

I think comfort is the main issue in any clothing choices but can identify with the OP. Sometimes we just want to change our style, whatever size we are.

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7/6/13 8:48 A

Oh, God! To be a size 12!!! I'd LOVE it. That's like, my goal size. I haven't been a size 12 since I was in 7th grade! That's on the low side of plus sized, and around here-they call that "thick," which is a good thing.
You can buy a whole lot more cute, flattering clothes in a size 12 than you can in a 24 or a 26. You can still wear dresses, jeans with a more form-fitting/cute top along with some wedge shoes, wedge sandals or heels. You can do a skirt with a dressy top. Life is NOT over at a size 12.
I understand feeling uncomfortable, having gained weight. I don't intend to discount that. However, though a size 12 is technically "overweight" is by no means "fat."

MLAN613 Posts: 18,425
7/6/13 8:02 A

Online Now  • ))
Have you ever seen What Not To Wear on TLC? Clinton Kelly and Stacey London give lots of great ideas to the people they help. Theses people come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some have similar experiences to you. It's a great show.

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7/6/13 7:36 A

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7/6/13 7:33 A

As well as the links Kris gave - there are likely lots of "dress for your shape" places to visit and get great ideas.

Best wishes in your search.

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7/6/13 5:51 A

Unfortunately, a lot of bigger people make the mistake of buy clothes that swamp them in the belief it will hide their size/faults. Unfortunately it often emphasizes them. People are afraid of colour too. People need to learn how to dress up their good features and detract from the less favourable ones.

Below are a couple link that may be useful to you, and to others:

Of course, affordability can be quite another matter :-(

To help you choose, you might find that if you print out YOUR shape and the clothes styles suggested, you can take them with you when you go shopping, so you can double-check that they are right for you!

Happy clothes shopping :-)

HOPEFULLY117 Posts: 34
7/6/13 4:33 A

Hey all! I was sitting at work today and realized I am SICK of wearing the same thing every day. I work in a room that basically never gets above 52 degrees, so I wind up wearing jeans, thick sneakers, a long-sleved thermal top over a camisole, and a fleece zip-up jacket. I haven't bought anything new since I've gained so much weight, but I used to love coming up with little outfits to wear and combining them in different ways. I used to be a slim pear-shape (think size 5ish), and now I'm a much more exaggerated pear shape (size 12), but I seem to have lost my waist in the battle of the bulge. Short of hiring a personal shopper (which I'm sure is expensive), I really don't know what to buy to make myself feel good--other than what I already wear every day (I feel like I can hide behind it). Does anyone out there have any tips or ideas? I'm just sick of feeling like a slob!

Thanks a heap, and have an awesome day! emoticon

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