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Lean for Life Diet Plan

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5/9/13 9:44 P

The people on low carb friends boards have tried this one, too, but it wasn't any different than any other plan..........if you can't stay on it because you are not satisfied, it doesn't matter who recommends it or anything else. It's hard to stay on, even celebs arn't thrilled with this one.

Posts: 215
5/9/13 5:53 P

Thanks. Its funny that you mention him using the diet himself. He literally gave her a list of foods from the book because he and his wife are doing it. I told her to call the endocrinologist before stsrting to make sure it is safe for her. I appreciate the insight and wisdom! Renea

Posts: 12,356
5/9/13 3:29 P

Definitely ask more questions. Is the PCP a diabetes specialist? Why does he want her on a diet, and WHY did he recommend that particular one? Did he really mean for her to follow it regardless of her glucose readings, or is it just a suggestion for a general plan that she should alter according to how her sugar readings respond?

If this is just a random primary care doctor who's not a specialist in diabetes, be very wary. Most doctors know very little about nutrition. They tend to recommend whatever diet they're doing themselves, or something they heard about somewhere. People take them seriously because they're doctors, but if they're not trained in that, their diet advice is really not much better than your mail carrier's diet advice. If your daughter needs to lose weight, she should ask this doctor for a referral to a diabetes educator and/or Registered or Licensed Dietitian.

My guess is that he's recommending this particular plan because it's "medically supervised" so he can pass the buck. He may not realize that most "medically supervised" diet clinics use nurses' aides or even just random employees, who have a doctor's phone number in case of serious emergency.

Or, maybe the Lean for Life "clinic" near you has an actual diabetes doctor on staff and that's why he recommended it. You won't know unless you ask. A good doctor *likes* it when a patient asks, "Why?"

Posts: 229
5/9/13 2:42 P

I personally don't have diabetes (so far! Hopefully it stays that way...) but I would get a second opinion, or at least find a nutritionist who has experience with type 1 diabetes to be safe. I don't have that issue and I've never heard of this type of diet, so this is the only suggestion I can give you. Sorry I wasn't more help!

Posts: 215
5/9/13 2:14 P

My daughter is a 25 year old type 1 diabetic (Juvenile diagnosis at 13). She went to her PCP yesterday and he wants her to use the Lean For Life diet plan. It does not look like a good choice for a diabetic to me as if her sugar is low she cannot have carbs on certain days. Does anyone know anything about his diet plan? Thanks! Renea

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