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4/25/12 12:45 P

The only good thing I can say about that label is that it doesn't start with Sugar (Slim Fast shakes have sugar as their first ingredient). But beyond that, the label is full of non-food chemicals that I wouldn't put in my body...

As others mentioned, these temporary weight-loss products are not a long-term solution. Unless you plan on living on them forever (definitely do not recommend this), any weight you lose on the shakes (if you lose any) will likely make a reappearance upon starting to eat normal food again.

You'll be much better off now and in the long run by learning how to eat proper portions and good healthy foods.

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4/25/12 12:25 P

I agree with ANARIE. I do supplement with a protein shake before my workout, but I'm not into meal replacement shakes. I'd much rather eat my calories. Also, if you don't plan on drinking your meals every day for the restof your life, you'd be better served learning how to make new, healthy habits and food/eating choices so that you make a lifestyl change that results in a weight loss, rather than doing a "diet" that gives you results, but leaves you with no plan for maintanance.

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4/25/12 12:22 P

I don't think you'll get much motivation for a shake plan here. SparkPeople encourages members to learn about healthy foods and eat those, instead of replacing food with a drink. Have you tried the tools here? Honestly, I'd recommend that you take the shakes back to GNC for a refund, and start using the "My Nutrition" tracker to learn how to eat the right number of calories in real food. Challenge yourself to track everything for a week, and to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day. That will get you started on yoru weight loss, and it will cost less.

Even if you opened the package, GNC will give you at least part of your money back if you tell them that you were told it's not healthy.

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4/25/12 10:53 A

Hello Everyone I have started using the Lean Shakes 25 today, I am looking for some motivation with this weight loss challenge. It is so hard to find the right thing these days, I have read the reviews on this Shake and so far the reviews are good. I will check back in a week and let you know how I did.

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