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1/13/11 12:52 P

whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce - brown lean meat with peppers onions garlic and italian seasoning and add your fave low sodium tomato sauce

burgers on whole wheat bun

chili - lots of great recipes on here pack it full of veggies

1/12/11 9:50 A

Tacos - brown the meat with onions/peppers and your choice of spices (I use a lot of cumin) - serve on tortillas/taco shells with your choice of toppings

Stroganoff - Cheap campbells style stroganoff (you can alter it many ways) brown the meat with onions and mushrooms, cook in one can of condensed cream of mushroom soup (comes in 98% fat free reduced sodium) remove from heat add 8 oz ff sour cream, serve over egg noodles or similar pasta (I use whatever's on hand)

You can also generally look at things like Hamburger Helper meals and imitate them - they will be too unhealthy, but most can be imitated very healthfully. I cook a LOT with lean ground beef and turkey, and these are just the two on the top of my head right now.

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1/11/11 7:20 P

Stuffed green peppers are delicious and easy.

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1/11/11 4:26 P

I am looking for healthy (low fat, low sodium) meal ideas for lean hamburger meat. I live with my boyfriend and to save money we buy meat in larger packages and then freeze portions until we want them. I am bored of adding it to spaghetti sauce - need new ideas!

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