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Posts: 4,190
12/28/11 7:09 P

That sounds annoying! Every now and then, Yoplait has this pink lid ($0.10/lid) fund raiser for Susan B. G. Komen for the Cure... but a lot of times, my codes don't work. BLAH.

SparkPoints: (6)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
12/28/11 12:54 P

To follow up, I eventually did get the reward and was happy with the quality, Again, I was disappointed with the slow customer response. I'ts a pet peeve of mine.

Posts: 4,156
11/16/11 9:46 A

I guess I don't spend that much time or money in the pre-made frozen food section. I didn't know there was anything going on.

SparkPoints: (208,404)
Fitness Minutes: (86,946)
Posts: 11,434
11/16/11 6:27 A

I haven't tried them but I will.

SparkPoints: (74,710)
Fitness Minutes: (40,881)
Posts: 1,585
11/15/11 8:12 P

No, though I eat them for lunch three days a week.

Posts: 1,193
11/15/11 7:20 P

No, I don't eat that kind of food.

Posts: 5,843
11/15/11 6:35 P

yes i got a free subscriptions to us magazine and a colander... emoticon

Posts: 1,782
11/15/11 5:57 P

No, I don't use even the lighter frozen meals anymore.

SparkPoints: (154,389)
Fitness Minutes: (35,919)
Posts: 25,670
11/15/11 5:35 P

I have never had any problems entering the codes. I recently ordered a lunch bag with my points; got it within 2 weeks, and it's super cute! I plan to use it on the days I need to bring a small meal with me when I get my chemo; I'm there 2-3 hours on Tuesdays nearly every week.

Posts: 13,499
11/15/11 11:29 A

I thought about using the rewards program, but do not buy Lean Cuisines often enough for it to amount to anything

SparkPoints: (6)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
11/15/11 7:39 A

I submitted points for a reward a month ago, but I have not received it. When I made inquiries via the Contact Us link, I got a generic response that I would be contacted within three days. When that didn't happen, I contacted them again. I find that the so-called Reward Program has been a waste of my time, and I am appalled at the lack of customer service. I will not purchase again for those reasons alone.

Posts: 1,675
4/25/11 4:42 P

I like lean cuisine, had not heard of the rewards.

Posts: 500
4/25/11 4:28 P

I got a response from them - a generic email they send to anyone - We value our customers - try entering the codes again... Gee thanks. I will NOT be buying any more Lean Cuisine if this is their idea of customer service.

Posts: 290
4/21/11 10:40 A

i like healthy choice better - if i need to bring something and cant eat fresh

Posts: 240
4/21/11 10:24 A

No too expensive

Posts: 6,501
4/21/11 10:08 A

First I have heard of it. i normally don't buy many frozen meals, prefer the ones you make fressh.

Posts: 429
4/20/11 10:13 P

not the rewards but I like the meals for a standby. TONS of protien, low in calories, keep me full till dinnertime

SparkPoints: (35,199)
Fitness Minutes: (37,094)
Posts: 1,771
4/20/11 10:07 P

I really like the frozen stuff for work sometimes. Not all the time but every once in awhile when I forgot to prepare.

SparkPoints: (8,963)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 310
4/20/11 10:04 P

I eat Michelina's. It's MUCH cheaper, and tasty too!

It's like, a buck a meal, and if you go to they're site, they have coupons to print off too!

One of the meals is about 240 calories! Makes good lunches when on the go!

SparkPoints: (63,305)
Fitness Minutes: (35,746)
Posts: 2,321
4/20/11 9:53 P

I generally don't waste my time on stuff like that

SparkPoints: (67,932)
Fitness Minutes: (12,179)
Posts: 5,393
4/20/11 9:08 P

I also got the lunch bag and only 2 of the codes were on the inside of the box in a very light red color. HOWEVER, all I did was send them an email and I was credited all the other codes. I found them to be slow but very easy to accommodate the situation. Try contacting them through the leancuisine website. I found it very helpful.

Posts: 5,843
4/20/11 8:23 P

yes, i'm participating in it... i got the lunch bag last time... they have crappy gifts this time.... and out of the 3 codes i put in 1 didn't work, so i know what u mean.....

Posts: 1,303
4/20/11 7:52 P


Posts: 500
4/20/11 7:47 P

Anyone else participating in the new Lean Cuisine Delicious rewards program that started this week? What a total scam to get us to buy their product! NONE of my codes work! Guess this is a sign I should quit eating frozen crap and eat some real food!! Grrr... I hate companies that pull moves like this. Such bad customer service - don't promote something when it's not a real deal!

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