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5/14/13 7:20 A

I am in Physical Therapy right now, and this is my problem, too. We do a lot of single-sided stabilization exercises. Surely your PT can give you handouts with exercises to to at home.
In addition to clamshells, I do a lot of 4-direction leg kicks, using either a resistance band or the cable machine.
Good luck!

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5/13/13 10:44 P

Interesting to note that someone else can relate to my issues! -- It is NOT unheard of and your PT should be willing to give you a list of good exercises to help.

I had an old injury (30 yrs ago -- 6 months recovery), and there was never any PT to help the body communicate again after accommodations had been made while healing from the injury. The body learns adaptations and after an injury, the various muscle groups that have stepped in to cover for the injury need to "back off" and let the injured part take on its job again. Without this, there can end up being imbalances that cause unexpected pain, issues, ETC down the road.

So to answer your question w/ a few exercises that have been shown to me:
* scissor kicks in the water can be useful if you are consciously tightening your glutes -- I hold on to the side of the pool and practice.
* SB on bench - lean over ball w/ lower half of body NOT touching the floor. Raise lower half as high as possible. Squeeze glutes, keep lower body raised and do 30-60 sec. of scissor kicks, keeping glutes TIGHT. Rest & then do 30-60 sec of flutter kicks
* side steps w/ band, engage glutes & then step L 8-12x's, then back R 8-12x's
* lunges work using good form
* squats help, again watch form

I've been working on hip pain for over a year now. It certainly is better, but running has been taken off the table. (My chiro indicates that my hip issues actually cause my back to go out.) There is a non-symmetrical issue which I have not been able to resolve. LOTS of stretching has become a requirement!

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5/13/13 6:10 P

glute bridges, kettlebell swings, deadlifts. smaller isolation stuff like clamshells, band walks.

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5/13/13 6:05 P

In a nut shell it means that my left butt is weaker and doesn't like working out lol.


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5/13/13 6:01 P

I honestly have never heard of that; Call him and ask him what they were. :) You need to ask your physio, not us!

BELLES74 Posts: 34
5/13/13 5:58 P

Hi Everyone,

My physio has said all my hip issues are stemming from my glute not being switched on. What are some really good exercises to help get it to fire? He got me to demonstrate some but I forgot to write them down.

Please help?

Bek emoticon

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