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10/9/12 2:35 A

I hope that you don't mind but I had a little peak at your Nutrition Tracker. I think that you will be able to tweak your nutrition to help you overcome your nocturnal hunger, BUT for the record, I ALWAYS have a bed-time snack - usually some protein , a piece of banana or really good wholegrain, high fibre bread, toasted and a milky drink without extra sweetening. I allow for it in my daily intake.

Anyway, I would suggest increasing your fruit/vege intake. They are lower calorie eaten in their original form (i.e. no dressings/sugar) and have the higher fibre that helps to keep us fuller for longer. I would be inclined to aim for at least 7 serves a day, and possibly more. Another food group I would increase is your protein. This will also help you to stay fuller for longer and actually helps us with our weight-loss efforts. Sometimes the carbs in white breads/rolls don't do much to fill us but they pile on the calories, leading a person to believe that they are eating enough. Take a look at the nutritional labels on them and see where they fit into the food group generally with sugar/fat/sodium, and check out the fibre and protein content too, if they have it. Generally a good bread will have a good fibre content too.


CEVM2006 Posts: 3
10/9/12 12:15 A

What helps me is to sip on some coffee. I usually add some frothed milk and stevia drops for flavor. If I really want a rich taste I will add a packet of sugar free hot chocolate mix (seldom). I find it keeps me satisfied. By chance, tonight I deviated from this and ended up eating a bunch of empty carbs :(. I am very disappointed because one of my ongoing goals is no mindless snacking at night. I plan to just start fresh tomorrow. Anyway, if you enjoy coffee, give it a try!

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10/2/12 5:11 P

I plan my snacks so I have one about 10pm, right before going to bed. If it is planned I am less likely to overeat. I usually have half a pita with hummus and a piece of fruit. That way I don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry either.

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10/2/12 12:02 A

You might want to try having your last meal be heavier on fat and protein and lighter on carbs. Some people (myself included) are simply on a schedule where their body is more comfortable with a little something right before bed. If that's the case, then save off some calories to account for this before bed snack. A few almonds or a Laughing Cow wedge might do it.

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10/1/12 10:07 P

I have the same problem. What I usually do is skip a snack during the day and replace it when I am about to go to bed. That way I feel full and not guilty. What I usually eat to crave off hunger at night is hummus. Packed with healthy fats and protein and pretty low in calories. You can dip slices if red bell pepper into them!

MUSICGIRL0604 Posts: 168
10/1/12 9:24 P

Ok, a little too late for today (already raided the fridge, thought of posting here after), but I know it'll come back tomorrow. I do a decent job on my food all day long, appropriate snacks, decent portions and balance at meals, and then 9PM hits and all bets are off. Any good tips for controlling nighttime snacking (going to bed earlier isn't really an option - til we get the kids to bed and shower, DH and I need some time to communicate as adults!)?

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