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GABENSEBSMOM SparkPoints: (8,717)
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2/25/11 4:55 P

I'd suggest some fruit or maybe a chocolate Jello pudding snack (the kind with like 60 calories). Clementines or tangerines always work for me. I highly suggest if you have a late-night snack, drink a glass of water with it. I suspect that maybe you're really thirsty instead of hungry. The body crosses the signals sometimes. Plus, a glass of water almost always fills you up so that you won't want to eat anymore. Also, if you have to be up late, maybe you could chew some sugarless gum until you're ready for bed? That might take care of that sweet craving, and most gum has about 5 calories per stick. Good luck!

WELSTEACH SparkPoints: (45,542)
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2/25/11 4:27 P

Sometimes late night munchies aren't munchies at all but your body's response to being tired and needing sleep. Are you getting enough sleep at night or are you burning the midnight oil?

JWMOM2EEE SparkPoints: (2,653)
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2/25/11 2:54 P

May I just say that after dinner dished are all done I tell "everybody" the kitchen is closed. If you need something after that try chugging a full cup of water and maybe an apple (non-dish)or banana. my other choice was a "Mock" banana split...cut up a half of a frozen banana, drizzle with tbsp chocolate syrup. hits the spot.its only about 90 calories!!!! dont forget to wash your dish emoticon

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JUSGETTENBY42 Posts: 7,606
2/25/11 2:47 P

I buy black and red grapes and eat them frozen. Helps with sweet cravings.

EFPACE Posts: 515
2/25/11 2:40 P

Man oh man. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there that has trouble with the late night snacking. I've also noticed that if i don't eat 2 or 3 hours before bed time I loose more weight. Thank you every one.

SHARALEV Posts: 115
2/25/11 1:17 P

I love weight watchers chocolate fudge bars, 100 calories of delightfulness! Tea, or some water with extra dessert chewing gum the key lime pie flavor is really good. BUT sleep is the ticket, try to get into bed by 9.

BIRDIE3232 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/11 12:03 P

To prevent munchies I usually play a game or two on Facebook/Computer. Keeps my mind going so I am not thinking of food. I also try to get ready for bed at around 9ish so I am not thinking of food.

I know that if I eat/drink after 9, I will weight more in the morning and its just not worth it.

TAZZGIRL57 Posts: 29
2/25/11 11:10 A

HA HA! I know! I know!

TAZZGIRL57 Posts: 29
2/25/11 11:10 A

Me too! I hate the night time because I am still "snacking" I am alone because my hubby works, so I am so tempted. I am going to make it a point not to eat after 8 PM! When I do eat the snacks at night it throws all of my food off for the day and I go over my limit. Then the guilt sets in. UGH!

JMCROF SparkPoints: (7,520)
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2/25/11 10:30 A

I like a bowl of cereal before bed...just a cup of cereal and some milk with a banana and I'm happy and sleep well. I also plan it in my meal schedule. If I've gone over my calories for the day, I can't have it. It encourages me to do better in the AM because I like my cheerios or cinnamon life in the PM.

LIATRIS69 Posts: 13
2/25/11 3:57 A

I find a protein snack -- 2 oz. skinless roast chicken breast or other lean meat, low fat cheese (Laughing Cow) or a teaspoon (always measure :) of nut butter on a rye cracker works for me.

My favourite snack right now is a WASA cracker with 1 t almond butter, topped with an inch of banana, mashed, and a few grains of coarse salt. Crunchy, nutty, sweet, salty, it's hard to beat!

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THINKINBOUTME SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/11 2:15 A

Carrots! I buy the baby prewashed carrots, about a buck a bag. You can eat guilt free and get your veggies in. I also agree with a comment farther below, I try and eat all my fruits and veggies as my in between meals and I've been so satisfied I haven't been craving anything "bad".

MEGD23 Posts: 95
2/24/11 10:28 P

chocolate vita tops taste super chocolately and are 100 calories with lots of fiber. Also, I drink tea when I want a sweet treat...usually I just want to eat, I'm not hungry so tea fulfills my craving.

Also, I put snacks into my tracker before I eat them to see if they're *really* worth it.

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EFPACE Posts: 515
2/24/11 10:08 P

Great, I've had some problems staying on track too. I visit my husband in Nevada. All my exercise equipment and computer is in Spokane Wa. My husband and I both love our late night munchies. Not snacking at night has been the hardest part of my diet. Good luck, and keep on sparkin. :)

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
2/24/11 10:04 P

yeah this is tough, b/c i'll try to make my lunch at night, just before bed when i'm getting a little hungry and i find myself nibbling whatever i'm making!!

CPA2BE Posts: 104
2/24/11 9:38 P

Go to bed!! : )

2/24/11 8:27 P

I like Silk Plain Soymilk with a tablespoon Hershey cocoa powder. The milk is sweet, the cocoa is bitter. I drink it warm like hot chocolate and I'm satisfied

Or 1 small square of 85% cocoa and 6 almonds

or Sugar-free fat free Boston-creme flavored pudding

or a fiber-one oats and chocolate bar (9g of fiber, very filling, 140 cal)

BETZI01 Posts: 84
2/24/11 8:24 P

For now, I have all the high sugar foods out of the house. If I haven't had enough of some nutrient, like fiber, carbs or protein, I'll snack on something to take care of that need. If I'm up late with insomnia, I just drink herbal tea.

FLETCH0417 Posts: 28
2/24/11 8:21 P

another devoted fan of anything skinny cow! I don't even feel guilty and I do feel plenty indulged!

IFFUR77 Posts: 556
2/24/11 8:06 P

my happy hour treat is white packs the calories so i don't eat

BEACHIE626 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,984)
Posts: 39
2/24/11 7:20 P

Another vote for skinny cow. I look forward to it all day and it helps me avoid making poor choices before it :)

SHASSYSUE2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,686)
Posts: 1,313
2/24/11 7:11 P

I have found those little Hersheys chocolate Kiss Drops are wonderful. I am a Diabetic but I can not eat that SugarFree candy, it makes me physically sick. But, the Hershey drops have 25 grams of carbs for one serving which is 15 drops. I only eat about 6 and I suck them to melt the chocolate slowly, and it is so satisfying. I have not craved chocolate by doing this, and it is my little treat for the day. I hope this helps. Shassysue2

CHRISTY421 Posts: 56
2/24/11 6:55 P

Deep Chocolate Vita Tops! 100 calories of heaven. I live for those things! I plan them into my day so I know I can have one every night when I have my chocolate cravings. Somtimes I top it with a sugar free jello pudding. Not as healthy as grabbing for fruit, but hey I gotta live a little :)

CLC9844 Posts: 39
2/24/11 6:16 P

I make sure I put in a little late night snack when I am planning my day. You can still eat the foods that you love, just watch the portions! I do like just dry sweet cereal, like honey nut chex, or I go right for the chocolate and make sure I know the exact serving before I eat it.

GARDENGIRL54 Posts: 803
2/24/11 6:14 P

I also get the late night cravings around 9 pm and tend to save some of my calorie allotment so I can have a little treat.

Thanks Shantygirl for your suggestion of chocolate almond milk heated. It's snowing here right now and cocoa sounds good. I'll also have to try the Skinny Cow treats when it warms up a bit.

One thing I think is a good treat is to get out the Magic Bullet and blend together half of a banana and a half cup of lite vanilla yogurt. It is rich and thick and tastes like a real treat.

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DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
2/24/11 5:30 P

Don't eat late at night

ASHLIQUA Posts: 206
2/24/11 4:52 P

I have had so much trouble with this over the years! The #1 best solution I have found is mini-ice cream bars (either the non-dairy So Delicious ones, which are 90 calories, or any Skinny Cow product if you eat dairy). They can be pricey but are often on sale, and no matter what they are totally worth it. If I somehow run out of those, sweet dry cereal usually does the trick...if you keep the portion under control, it won't set you back too badly (for example 3/4 cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is 130 calories). Plus, most of those are fortified so even though it's not exactly health food, you'll get some vitamins and minerals in.

PAULINLIM Posts: 430
2/24/11 4:40 P

I always have a dessert at night, but I try to keep it under 200 calories, and I budget it into my day. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are nice; they are voluminous enough to feel like a treat. I make sure to close my eyes and savor my dessert, focusing all my attention on the texture and sweetness, and taking sips of tea or water between each bite. Then follow it up immediately with an activity you love, like reading a fun book, taking a bubble bath, or doing a puzzle, in preparation for going to bed. Mindfulness and enjoyment are key.

AWAKE31 Posts: 15
2/24/11 4:31 P

I buy one of those big bars of Dark Chocolate and I allow myself one square (the one i get has sections of about an inch and a half square) of it everyday. That way i have a little bit everyday and dont feel deprived.

JENGOJENGO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 637
2/24/11 4:26 P

Fruit works for me.
Instead of wasting all that energy thinking about chocolate and that you "can't have it" why don't you think of something else to focus on. Try to get 8 servings of fruit and veggies in a day and 12 cups of water. You will be so busy trying to meet those goals you won't have time to eat 3 chocolate bars every night!

TISTYEN Posts: 214
2/24/11 4:24 P

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares. Ghirardelli is quite simply the best chocolate on the planet, and the squares are individually wrapped, so you don't have that "Well, it's open, so I might as well finish it." My roommate prefers the milk chocolate squares, but having them individually wrapped means I don't hear, "Will you finish this so I don't get a migraine?"

For me, another good chocolate treat is the Weight Watchers version of a fudgesicle. For the amount of calories and carbs in it (both of which I have to limit), you get a lot of ice cream that takes a while to eat.

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PEANUTSJ SparkPoints: (0)
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2/24/11 4:16 P

Two words: Skinny Cow.

These ice cream treats come in a variety of forms and flavors. I like the chocolate truffle bars (100 calories), or the small cups of cookies and cream ice cream (150 calories per cup). I also enjoy the mint cookie sandwiches (120 calories per ice cream sandwich).

JWJCKSN SparkPoints: (37,794)
Fitness Minutes: (26,536)
Posts: 1,131
2/24/11 3:45 P

I log in a greek yogurt for snack every day. Then I save it for night time.

GROVER27 Posts: 12
2/24/11 3:12 P

When I close my food tracker for the day, I've basically told myself that I'm done eating for the day. That usually deters me from late night snacking. If I want a snack in the evening, I try to plan for it in advance.

YHELMASRY SparkPoints: (982)
Fitness Minutes: (632)
Posts: 3
2/24/11 3:05 P

I live for the end of day sweet snack. I save calories all day so I can have a cookie or chocolate with my end of day cup of tea with no guilt. My problem is I live in Egypt, and although in big supermarkets and gourmet shops we can now find almost anything, not everything has nutrition facts or even number of calories on it, so it's that much more difficult to keep track.

SSOLLIE Posts: 54
2/24/11 2:55 P

I *know* I am going to want something kinda sweet around 9pm, so I plan for it! Yup, I added a whole new category for myself and put it in my meal planner AHEAD OF TIME. It's usually something like plain popcorn, a sugar free chocolate pudding or fruit! Gotta love fruit - bit size, portable, comes in it's own container and GUILT FREE! Then I also have something to look forward at the end of the day to help keep me honest during those pesky daylight hours. Good luck!


REBEZINI SparkPoints: (1,025)
Fitness Minutes: (250)
Posts: 9
2/24/11 2:43 P

A nutritionist once told me that a snack isn't a meal; it should be small, and help you to go on with what you are doing until your regular eating time. Be true to your mealtimes. It helps to not over eat. I have tried to live by this.

SHAELILY Posts: 50
2/24/11 2:29 P

I don't usually have a problem with craving sweets but often I do find myself very hungry late at night. Last night I shared some clementines and some blackberries with my hubby. Sometimes I'll have a couple cups of air-popped popcorn. I add the butter spray if I am craving the butter taste but I try to eat it plain. If I do happen to crave sweet, usually a popsicle (I get the sugar free ones) does it for me or some sugar free jello.
I also find that if I exercise then I'm definitely more hungry throughout that day and it's worse at night. emoticon It makes it really tough to stay within my calorie range.

DEBBIEOLMOS57 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (46,390)
Posts: 1,586
2/24/11 2:15 P

I have the same problem because i work until 9:00pm and then want to eat.

ANALOGY Posts: 624
2/24/11 2:00 P

I don't keep healthy sweet snacks around. I may have some nectarines around this week, but I *always* have cookies, which have been a daily part of my diet as I've lost 40 pounds here.

I think that we crave what we crave and need to eat it to be satisfied, so that's what I do. Generally while staying within my calorie range. Chocolate is something I've had to mostly give up until recently, because I will overindulge and it will affect my weight.

I also find late nights difficult. Insomniac nights will completely sabotage my diet. For me, part of the battle is recognizing the difference between mindless eating vs. cravings. If I avoid the mindless eating, I am fine giving in to cravings - with a reasonable portion size and staying in my calorie range. The other part of the battle is just getting myself to go to bed. I am a night person, too, but to the extent I manage to fight it (it helps that my wife is happy to go to bed early), I wind up eating less.

Edited by: ANALOGY at: 2/24/2011 (14:02)
2/24/11 1:54 P

My favorite healthy snacks to satisfy a sweet tooth (which I definitely also have):

Unsweetened chocolate almond milk - it's good heated up like cocoa

1 slice Ezekiel raisin toast -- it has no added sugar and is made with sprouted grains

2 or 3 squares of very good dark chocolate -- I find that if I get 70%+ cacao, I'm less likely to eat the whole bar because it makes me sick (triggers migraines & other issues)

Half of a grapefruit, a banana, or an apple with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Dark chocolate almonds, in small portions

I also tend to stay up late and it's the hardest time for me not to overeat. I realized that it's partly because I get very hungry around 11 p.m. or midnight, so if I feel that way I'll eat a filling snack like fruit and a glass of soymilk.

2/24/11 1:23 P

I get the same way - A craving around 9:00pm. Are you watching TV? I noticed most of the adds are of food. (A BIG giant juicy hamburger in HIGH DEF! YUM!) I turn it off and read.

If I want something sweet that late at night, I'll have some sugar free jello with (or without) fruit in it. Adding fat free cool whip makes it better.

If it is chocolate I want: Sugar Free Pudding made with Light Soy milk. It has more protein made that way, and tastes creamier.

Thanks to the others for their ideas, too.


ANDROMEDA1967 Posts: 4,585
2/24/11 12:53 P

special k chocolatey delight

AMYCHU1 Posts: 119
2/24/11 12:51 P

Pre-made 100cal veggie snacks or a glass of warm milk, it helps you sleep too.

2/24/11 12:51 P


RENZOSMOM Posts: 199
2/24/11 12:49 P

I have been loving the dried cranberries lately. They are so sweet and kick that craving in the butt. And the fat content is next to none. I also try to keep clementine oranges on hand as well.

NANCYANNE1956 Posts: 533
2/24/11 12:40 P

I'm an evening snacker. I've been eating 100 calorie ice cream bars or yogurt or fruit,depending on my craving.

THEMANDIKAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,710)
Posts: 195
2/24/11 12:29 P

I'm fully convinced that cravings are our bodies' way of telling us that we're missing something from our diets. Are you taking a multivitamin? Getting enough water?

It could also be that you're recovering from a sugar addiction. :\ That's REAALLY tough, so drink green tea and do your best to detox without giving in (lots of green leafy veggies and a little steviaclear in water if you NEED sweet).. And I'd recommend getting rid of the REALLY bad-for-you foods from your house until you know you can be around them.

Good luck!

GETTHERE135 Posts: 251
2/24/11 12:18 P

I think fruit is a good idea, naturally sweet and healthy for you too. I love sweet anything but I try to make my sweet things a treat, a portioned amount that I plan to eat ahead of time, that way I feel like I deserved and enjoyed them and didn't just eat them out of a craving. You might want to try some of the fiber bars that are 90-160 calories that are sweet with real chocolate or butterscotch in them and are still good for you with protein and fiber. Also if you have troubling with eating them at night make a cutoff point for yourself. Plan a treat for yourself if you can fit it into your eating plan so you can look forward to it ahead of time but know when and how much you will have and set a time where your eating ends then brush your teeth. Hope some of this helps.

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THESEA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,161)
Posts: 40
2/24/11 11:55 A

Probably the most difficult thing for me is trying to nip the sugar cravings in the bud. But it's most prominent for me at night (between 8pm and 1am - I'm usually up pretty late at night).

I'm trying to decrease my sugar intake, or try to eat "healthier" snacks that have less sugar in them (dark chocolate or LaraBars for example), but that's not enough. Nine times out of ten, I end out having a whole bar of dark chocolate or 3 LaraBars in one sitting because it doesn't satisfy my sugar fix!

What do I do?! Eat more protein? Fiber? Fruits?

What healthy snacks do you keep in your house for when you're craving something sweet?

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