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2/2/13 11:46 A

Nutrition labels tend to round to the nearest 5th or 10th calorie or something, so the *average* calorie content of a large egg could very well be 72. But on a nutrition label, this would show up as 70 or 75.

Keep in mind that egg sizes vary by a lot, even within the same carton of "large" eggs!

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/2/13 11:41 A

i noticed the same thing yesterday, I was going to manually enter but didn't have time. I would be interested to know why the change. Do egg's nutrition (basic eggs not organic, etc) really vary that much brand to brand/store to store?

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2/2/13 11:40 A

I'm sorry, but are those 2 calories per egg going to make or break your day's calories? If you really feel the need to fix this, you can always manually enter the stuff

NELLIEC Posts: 44,306
2/2/13 11:18 A

I have noticed recently that the calories on large eggs has been increased. My information on the egg carton says that the calories are 70, not 72 like the SP information has been changed to. I had already noted previously that the calories had been correctly listed as 70, so now that it has been changed I couldn't note that on the nutrition page.

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