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1/15/14 8:03 A

Also, you can check out the SP fitness area. Free videos and strength training idea.

Since you have issues in your chest area and are waiting for that reduction, you may want to invest in a really great sports bra. Well, it's a good idea for any size chest but I imagine it's especially important right now.

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1/15/14 6:51 A


You don't need any equipment to strength train - you can get in a great strength workout using just your own bodyweight for resistance.

Simple but highly effective bodyweight exercises include:
* squats
* planks
* pushups.
* T stand/airplane pose


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1/15/14 12:20 A

hello I have been trying to lose weight forever and finally I am seeing some progress. my question is that I have some stomach skin that hangs due to weight loss so I was wondering if there were any certain exercises I could do to tighten that skin back up. it is really bothersome but I cant afford a tummy tuck.

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1/14/14 7:33 P

I would recommend walking. Its very low impactand you could change tthe pace or scenery without much prep.

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1/14/14 7:07 P

Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!

Everyone is different as to what they like. I started out running, and made peace with it. My son got me into road cycling...which I LOVE! It's minimally strenuous on the joints and can be done with a large bust. No special bra required.

Kicking and screaming, my hubby and son got me into the pool. I had all the standard excuses: I hate to get my face wet, it takes too long to dry my hair, I've never been good at it, I'll never find a bathing suit that fits, I don't want to be seen in a bathing suit, and how BORING is it to just swim back and forth a million times? Turns out, I really like swimming! I don't sweat, it's not really that boring, and who cares what I look like in a bathing suit?! Nobody can really see once you get in the water, anyway! Don't want to get your hair wet? Lots of water walking and aerobics classes are available that keep your head out of the water but still provide a great workout with little bust (or joint) pain.

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1/14/14 1:59 P

A set of resistance bands is cheap and versatile. I bet your purse weighs more than 3#. As for cardio, you can use 2 frisbees as gliders and do things like mountain climbers with them (hands on the floor and feet on the upside down frisbees). Good cardio but no impact.

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1/14/14 1:58 P

I second the rowing machine. I love the rowing machine. It's an awesome full body workout, it's low impact, and can still get your heart rate up. I think there are some places opening up that only have rowing machines.

Here's a link for proper technique on the rowing machine:

If you're not a strong swimmer, look into aquatic fitness classes.

What about riding a bike? If you are going to a gym, you could get on a stationary bike or spin bike (or check into a spinning class).

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1/14/14 1:46 P

Zumba - you can get a great workout in zumba without any jumping. Plus, it's fun.

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1/14/14 1:41 P

Walking helped to get me where I am now. I can't afford a gym of to purchase anything right now all I have is myself and a et of 3 lb hand weights.

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1/14/14 1:37 P

Congrats on your progress so far! For cardio, what about swimming, walking, rowing, biking/spinning, or the elliptical? A classic full body strength program might work for you since ST is all about controlled movements.

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1/14/14 1:33 P

I started at 250 lbs. I started working out and changing my diet 5 months ago. Today I am at 199 lbs, but I seem to be stuck there. I am in need of some workout and cardio ideas to help me get things moving again, the only problem is that I have a very large bust that causes me massive amounts of pain. My dr is trying to get a reduction approved by my insurance, and she reccommends until that is done no jumping or anything of that sort that would cause more pain and could do more damage than good. I have run out of ideas any advice would be welcome.

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