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5/14/11 5:53 P

Oh gosh yes! not a fun time. I try not to deprive myself to much.

GORIANA Posts: 4,420
5/14/11 5:30 P

Yup, I'm affected the same. I've learned to just accept that I might see no changes in weight loss, or I might even gain a little on those weeks. My husband says I'm grumpy that week and my focus that week is to be nicer to him. That's more important to me than a .5 pound gain. The next week I get right back to my program.

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5/14/11 4:43 P

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You've all expressed my frustrations so very well.
...I was upping my workout & then injured myself in several directions. I'm almost feeling like I need a prescription for my moods which have that snowball effect of affecting EVERY THING else!
Wish I had a simple solution to offer, but I feel like I'm knee-deep in the mire myself.

ATINYDANCER Posts: 1,116
5/14/11 3:50 P

PMS AAAHHHHH! Yes pms makes me tired and hungry and if I could sit under a comforter eating chocolate and watching romantic comedies for a week I would be in heaven. However now that I am sparking I am looking for ways to cope as well. A couple things i have found is uping my workout so my calorie range goes higher (if you adjust it in your fitness settings). I would rather take an extra walk or do an extra 10 minutes on the cardio than try to deprive myself all the carbs my body is craving. Another thing is hot herbal tea with honey. I drink so much tea the week before my period and it really helps soothe me as well as quell the sweet craving. The main thing I try to remember is that before spark I used to consume massive amounts of calories during pms and now I am eating about a quarter what I used to even when i go a little over my calories and that is progress even if it is not perfection. Hope this helps and I would love any new ideas anyone has.

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5/9/11 6:22 P

Yes I totally agree. I started my weight loss challenge last month. I was so crazy upset about not losing any weight for a week and a half. I hated it, and now its almost time for it to come around again! UGH...It is definitely a very hard stressful time of the month. But I just kept thinking of what I wanted to look like and what my goal weight is and keep telling myself that 1 day the following week the scale with be EXTREMELY nice to me. It helped..

5/9/11 2:30 P

Hi :) Yes I feel the same way, about a week prior to getting it I definitely feel all of the same symptoms that you do, feeling drained, more cravings & less will power. It's a tough week but at least you know what's making you feel that way, you can prepare yourself for the challenge & maybe just do more things that week to remind you of your goals and stuff. Make it a point during PMS week to look up images of goal bodies or of inspirational people for example. Use more weight loss & fitness tricks & tips than you usually would & keep going! :)

FUTUREOD-17 Posts: 8
5/9/11 1:31 P

Hey ladies,

I personally notice a huge difference a week or so before my period, as far as my mood, cravings, and self control. My cravings make me crabby, I usually end up giving in, going over my calorie range, and then feeling defeated and even more cranky. I feel like I want to give up for this week, once a month! Not to mention, I'm tired and even making it to the gym seems like a huge struggle (way moreso than normal).


Does PMS affect you the same way? What do you do to counteract it? I'd love to hear your input & advice!

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