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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,452
10/7/12 3:59 P

If you go to this page:

you should be able to get out of the SparkD program from there.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
10/7/12 3:46 P

It is just possible that you'll have to start over again to get out of the diabetic plan. It was added much later, so it may be essentially a different system. Go to the site and technical help forum and look for discussions about it-- I know the topic has come up before, so with a little searching you can find your answer.

As for a meal plan that's low sodium AND reduced carb AND tofu/no tofu AND no lactose AND... AND....

You're asking for something computers can't do. When you get to more than one or two restrictions, it takes a human brain. That can be yours-- you turn off the menu plans and plan your own meals-- or one that you pay for. A Registered Dietitian can figure out plans that meet your nutritional restrictions and your personal taste, but they don't work for free.

You're not the only one with this problem. Sometimes people get a meal plan that has a peanut butter sandwich twice a day every day, and when we start discussing it, they realize that they checked off every single restriction and the computer just can't come up with anything else and isn't smart enough to realize people don't want to eat the same thing all the time.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
10/7/12 1:51 P

i have no idea how to get you in or out of the diabetic plan. i'm pretty sure that is somewhere in account preferences though.
to adjust your meal plan preferences, start on the
my nutrition
page. you should see today's date. then right under it

change the day for tracker
tracker options

when you mouse over tracker options, the third option down will be
change diet settings
when you click on that, you'll see where to customize what you are tracking and set up your preferences for the meal plans. make your changes and save. at least this is how it works outside of the diabetic settings.

if you can't find what you want in the options menu, you should be able to add something else. so make sure your browser isn't blocking pop ups from sparkpeople. if that's not the case.
you should also see a green box with orange tabs inside and a place for you to type. one of the tabs should say favorites. when you click favorites a box should open up right underneath the place to type. you should be able to find your tofu, click the box on the left, choose the meal you want it in from the pull down menu on the right, then scroll to the bottom of the box and click add.
i've never actually tried the add a food from each meal, i just do it from the top part.

alternately, you should be able to type in the box, have another box of options come up and be able to add it that way. if that isn't happening, you need to head over to the site and technical help messageboard and post there to get this fixed. there is a small chance that this is a feature of the diabetic plan, but if it is, site and technical help will help you figure out how to get out of that option.

CHRISSHORB SparkPoints: (0)
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10/6/12 8:12 P

I really appreciate you taking time to respond to my newbie questions. Your response actually generated some questions for me.

First off, how do I turn off all my meal plan preferences? I have just spent about 5 minutes clicking all over the place, and I can't find it. Clearly I'm not looking in the right place. Tried my account preferences, MyTracker areas. I originally clicked a bunch of those options, and now I'd like to see more options so I can customize better.

I chose Diabetes because I wanted a low sugar low carb diet. But now I can't seem to go and turn that option off.

Finally, here's what I am doing, and where I'm not seeing my favorites (I have added tofu simply as a test). I think perhaps you are using the myNutrition section in a different way than I am hoping it can be used.

1. I go to myNutrition. It shows me today's meal plan that Sparkpeople has generated for me.
2. I look at today's breakfast. Most of it is good, but say I want tofu instead of yogurt. I click on the link for the yogurt and a new window pops up. That window has a bunch of options, most of which I don't want (dairy), and my tofu that I have added as a favorite is *not* on that list. And there is no way to add the tofu. (Incidentally, when I click the "Add Food" button at the top of my breakfast, nothing happens)

Perhaps I am using this site incorrectly.

What I want is:
A meal/weekly menu created for me that I can edit and add my own options.
Take that weekly menu, including my edits, and generate a shopping list.

I must be using the site incorrectly. Please advise on the best practices to do what I am looking for above.

Thank you for any feedback!


NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
10/6/12 7:41 P

i am a little confused at what your issue is. if you have extra grapes in your fridge and your snack calls for an apple, don't tick the apple box and instead manually enter in grapes. you will still see the apple on the plan, but it won't count towards your totals.
and i'm not sure what other things you have ticked off in your meal plan preferences, but spark has plenty of menu options that do have tofu and a "don't give me tofu" option. keep in mind that the more boxes you tick, the fewer options you'll actually get.
and as far as lactose intolerance, you likely already have subs that you prefer. make sure you have manually entered them so that they are accurately in your favorites and when you see a cup of milk required, just don't check the box beside it and add a cup of your favorite soymilk. same for yogurt. if you use hummus instead or coconut milk yogurt or a nut cheese, just don't tick the yogurt box and enter in what you eat instead. easy peasy.

also, if you have single item on the meal plan that you don't want, say steak, click on the steak and tofu should show up as an option, you may have to scroll down as the sub options are fairly lengthy, but it should be there. i haven't found anything on the menu with less than twenty sub in options.

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10/6/12 4:35 P

Heh, good question.

Mostly because if I was good with choosing my own food, I probably wouldn't need to be here...
That and I'm lazy.
And it's easier to have something to alter, than create something from scratch.

So, basically I'm whining because the web page isn't easy enough for me. First world problem for sure.

But regardless, it's a huge block for why I am not using this web site.

Thanks for replying,

CAH-RD Posts: 1,055
10/5/12 9:29 A

Why don't you ignore the meals set up for you and just enter your own foods?

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10/5/12 1:28 A

Here's what I'd really like:

A site that spits out a weekly menu guide (Sparkpeople yay!)
A way to modify that weekly menu on a macro scale:
(Low salt (Sparkpeople yay!), Diabetic (Sparkpeople yay!), low Cholesterol (Sparkpeople yay!), Lactose Intolerant (Sparkpeople BOOOOOO!)).
A way to modify the items on the menu to fit what I have in my fridge/pantry; or to fit my taste buds (no tofu (Sparkpeople BOOO!)
Finally, take that modified final menu, and then spit out a weekly shopping list (Sparkpeople yay!).

Sparkpeople is about 80% there, but not being able to auto-generate a weekly menu taking into account my Lactose Intolerance; and then not being able to sub in tofu for items on the meals generated. Those two things are a deal breaker for me.

Is there any site out there that does that? Or does someone have some workarounds - I can't spend hours each week tweaking my menu to remove dairy. SP seems to put at least one dairy item into every single meal.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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