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6/13/14 5:17 P

Pre-planning is vital to weight loss success. Take a few moments each day to decide what you will eat the next day and put it in your tracker. Plan meals that will provide lots of nutritional benefits and that will leave you satisfied. Empty carbs, junk food and fast food will leave you hungrier. When ever I eat out I notice I am hungry an hour or so later. Often they are big meals and I am so surprised to be hungry so quickly. The salt, sugar, fat and MSG loaded meals served in restaurants set us up to keep eating.

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6/13/14 10:16 A

Thank you all for the tips I have taken it all in and am adding it to my routine.

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6/12/14 3:36 P

Eating out has to be done very carefully (review menus online wherever possible) or it can sabotage a perfectly good plan, even if you try to be choosy. Large portions, likewise, can hit the calorie budget hard depending on what it is in that large portion. For instance, you could have a large portion of mashed potatoes and have half your calories in one little bowl. Or, you could have a huge portion of lettuce and other veggies on a salad and barely dent your calorie budget while still providing "fill me up" fuel.

Basically, track all the things you're eating. Then look at those things. Can you swap any out for lower calorie - but just as filling - options? That's how you can reduce your calories, increase what you're eating to make you feel full and keep you feeling full longer, and lose weight while sustaining your level of exercise.

Most of us love to eat tons of mashed potatoes, but frankly, that's the sort of habit that got us overweight to begin. I'm just using mashed potatoes as an example, but fill in that blank with any calorie-dense food. Fiber, protein, and healthy fats are the nutrients that will keep you feeling full the longest. Make sure you're meeting those ranges (fiber has to be added in addition to the other nutrients already tracked, and I recommend adding calcium and iron as well) and that will go a long way toward helping you feel full without doubling up on portion sizing.

Plenty of people sustain themselves and curb hunger on the recommended calorie ranges while burning 200+ calories a day (without eating back those calories, though you can do that if you choose). It takes choosy menu selection to make that happen.

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6/12/14 12:15 P

For me its normally a mixture of eating out or eating large portions of food all day long it adds up! I believe part of my large appetite is due to the increase in exercise which is revving up my metabolism and increasing my appetite. I tried drinking water as you all have suggested and it has helped some.

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6/11/14 3:47 P

@ kastra I love, love love the pound feather/pound lead thing!

I tell people a lot: 1 head of cauliflower (a whole head!) has about 200 calories. 1 snickers bar has about 200 calories as well, but you get so much more food with the cauliflower ;)

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/11/14 2:59 P

Where are those 5,000 calories coming from? It looks like just your fitness tracker is shared, or you are not tracking your food.

You can easily reach a significant calorie count in the form of restaurant food and treats without actually eating much volume to keep your tummy full. On the flipside, if you eat healthy foods, you can eat mountains at times and have a hard time reaching the bottom of your calorie range.

When in school, I'm sure you saw the experiment of what one pound of lead looks like beside one pound of feathers. If you eat the nutritional equivalent of one pound of lead (i.e., one indulgent meal out that very well might total 5,000 by itself), you'll have one heavy meal then be hungry the rest of the day. However, if you eat the nutritional equivalent of a pound of feathers (i.e., fruits, veggies, lean protein, grains) you can often eat all day long - literally - if you've got the room for it, but most often find yourself full too often to try.

Does that make sense? If you're not eating take-out and high calorie foods in place of nutritionally better options, and if you are drinking an appropriate amount of H2O, then a trip to the doctor sounds like it is definitely in order.

BECKSIES Posts: 46
6/11/14 2:35 P

Is going to the docs and getting your bloods tested a possibility? There could be an underlying problem or deficiency causing the hunger?

What are you eating? I've found since I cut out snacks other than some popcorn at 10ish I'm not craving anything unless I'm hungry and that's usually only when its getting close to a meal time.

Keep motivated love :)

6/11/14 12:55 P

What form were the 5000 calories in? It sounds like you enjoy eating out?

I'd look at what the foods are you like and make them in a healthier way at home so you can eat more.

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6/11/14 12:33 P

that is a great idea to drink more water pior to eating, but this issue that I am having is never feeling full. For example on friday I ate over 5,000 calories and was still hungry. During this week I have tried to decreased the high in fat foods and replace it with other foods but I find myself going to bed extremely hungry at night. ( I'm stil eating between 1700-2200 calories which is healthy). For my height and frame anything over 158 is too much.

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6/11/14 10:23 A

I don't want to sound patronizing here as I probably don't have a clue myself but have you tried drinking more water before the meal?

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/11/14 10:15 A

Ok - for this you kinda need to start at the beginning...

In other words, are you tracking your calories, and saying that you have eaten all that you are "allotted" for the day, yet still feel hungry? i.e. "My range is 1200- 1500 a day and I still feel hungry after eating 1550 calories".

If that is the case, we can help you by finding out what you are currently eating, and offering suggestions on how to feel more full.

Or, are you just kinda eating and eating and never feel full, i.e. "I just eat all day long, I'm an eating machine."

Does that make sense...or do I need more tea and possibly a shower to wake myself up and turn my brain on??

NIRERIN Posts: 13,440
6/11/14 9:19 A

are you so motivated that you're trying to cut out too many calories? your ticker shows you to be 170lbs, trying to get down to 150lbs. if this is the first twenty pounds of 70 because you're under 5' tall, then disregard the rest of what i am going to say. but if you're in the upper half of the 5' range, then you don't have much weight to lose. which means that you should be aiming to eat about 200-300 cals under your maintenance calories everyday. that's not a lot and it's pretty much eating at your maintenance calories. you don't have a lot to lose, so it's going to come off slowly. if you were trying to lose 1-2 lbs a week with so little to lose, that's a 500-1000 cal a day deficit, which is simply too much for your body. so if you were eating with those larger deficits, your body legitimately needs more calories. when you're not eating enough, that primes your body to crack and start shoveling it in every now and then so it's getting close to the calories it needs. if you were eating closer to your needs instead of trying to create a large deficit, there is a pretty good chance that that issue would stop happening.

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6/11/14 9:08 A

I'm sure it's not what you want to hear, but you just have to make yourself. If I don't measure and weigh my food, it's way too easy for me to overeat. Even if I want seconds, I just can't let myself, I don't know when to stop. Lack of self control is what got me here in the first place, and the second place, and the third place, and probably countless times before that. I need to come to terms with the fact that I just have no self-control and will probably spend the rest of my life tracking my food, because when I don't, the weight just creeps back in way too easily.

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6/11/14 9:02 A

I really want to lose weight and iIam motivated but sometimes I find myself eating to much and I dont feel full or that something telling me to stop eating.

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