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2/23/12 12:42 P

When I was in Houston I weighed 279. Lost abunch of weight, got down down to 215. Moved to MN and got down to 160. Still have 30 to go. When I was down to 160 pounds I was so suprised at the weight losss. I went from a size 20 and am now at size 14.

1/12/12 8:44 A

woo hoo

1/12/12 5:12 A

a bit, glad that i dont stand and walk around like most people do. some of my pants would be around my feet emoticon

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1/12/12 3:19 A

Absolutely fantastic!!

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1/12/12 3:12 A

Sometimes that's even better than the scale

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12/8/11 12:17 A


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12/7/11 11:22 P

Great job!

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12/7/11 1:44 P

Keep it up, it only gets better. I'm not out of any pants right now, but they are starting to fit looser.

GOGHGIRL1 Posts: 42
12/7/11 11:38 A

pants that 2 weeks ago I had to tantric breathe to button are normal now!!

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