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12/18/12 7:32 A


If I ever learn how to make my own spark page with a photo too emoticon

I will friend you too!

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REY6780 SparkPoints: (17,253)
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12/17/12 6:00 P

Welcome to SP!

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,411
12/17/12 5:52 P

Welcome! I will add you to my spark friends. This is the best web site ever!

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
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12/17/12 11:41 A

You've come to a great place, Jean! The people on SP are so supportive! It does help to reach out a little bit and let people know where you are on your journey. You'll find people here who are where you are, or who have been there too. Lots of encouragement around here.

CORKYTHEMOM1 SparkPoints: (204,376)
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12/17/12 10:26 A

emoticon Jean to SP! You are welcomed to visit my sparkpage anytime. You are never alone in this wonderful journey of ours. Sending support and hugs to you. Have a WOOHOO week!

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
12/17/12 10:05 A

Hi Jean,
Feel free to add me as well....maybe we can keep each other motivated to reach our goals and stick with this program. I need someone to help me stayed focused as I tend to veer off the path I need to stay on.
Good luck to you and hopefully I will hear from you.

12/15/12 3:03 P

I am a young 60! I have already lost over 100 pounds and have to lose another 100, but I will do it! It really is a lifestyle change, not a diet! Please feel free to go by my SpakPage and friend me if you would like to! I would be glad to help, encourage, etc. SparkFriends are a major component to the success here!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/11/12 12:55 P

I am in my 40's and have lots of weight to lose too, but that is not my primary focus. I consider losing weight and getting fit a side benefit to being healthy. My goal is to achieve health-- 100% function of body, mind and spirit with no evidence of disease.

My weight gain came primarily from stupidity and poor choices. The biggest way i look at it is that God gave me this wonderful awesome self-healing body and I destroyed it. Now I am taking back all the nasty stuff I have done to it and bringing it back to its pristine form from the inside out.

Actually since I changed gears two years ago, i may still be considered obese, but I am healthier now than i was when I was slender. Prior to two years ago, i suffered from Bronchitis almost every year, had bad colds, sinus infections and viruses. I was always tired, my face constantly broke out, my nails were brittle and though I was slender, i had little to no muscle tone.
Since i decided to focus on my health from the inside out-- i have not had a cold, virus or bronchitis in 2 years. My sinus infections and allergies have all but cleared up. My skin is glowing. My nails and hair are growing. I get good sleep and have energy to burn at the end of the day.
I found a new way to exercise and it really works. Found a chiropractor who I love and keeps me away from the prescriptions by ensuring that my nervous system is in pristine condition.
Still working on the outer image. Constantly working on the diet. (not a diet, the diet).

But I understand about things slowing down.

Good Luck to you too.

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12/11/12 12:43 P

I REALLY need to get going and will get into full swing the first of the year but would love to make some new friends to chat with.

My name is Jean and I live in Wisconsin. I am 58 years old and need to lose a lot of weight. Never thought I would be in this predicament but never noticed it creeping up on me either. Didn't have to worry so much when I was younger but as you age boy does your body slow down.

Anyway, as I said, hope to make new friends and good luck to everyone trying to lose weight.

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