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7/22/12 1:12 P

First thing I would do if I was you is talk to the Capt about his joking, let him know you are working on it but his 'jokes' are putting a negative light on things. Things like this work better when you have your friends and co-workers helping you. When they see you eating when you are nervous they could speak up to let you know you are doing it so you can help break the bad habit. Then you can replace it with something else. Good Luck

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7/22/12 11:00 A

Being on this site is a step in the right direction. I had been dramatically overweight since college (about 20 years ago). My weight went up and down quite a bit for a long time, but when I started on this site, tracking what I ate, paying attention to what and how much I was eating and tracking my workouts, I have lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off.

It requires a lifestyle change. Start small, set attainable goals, see them through and stick with it. Remember that there is no quick fix. It takes time and dedication and be ready for some setbacks. Just stick with it and persevere.

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7/22/12 9:28 A

Yes I know it sounds weird, I have always invisioned having muscled. I cannot tell you what small is because that I have never been. Three years ago I was diagnosed with type two and really went south. I want to be more healthy and there is no motivation. I am a Flightattendant and I am so tired of people looking at me like I don't belong, just two days ago my capt out me down so bad and I just laughed it off but man it hit hard. I am just tired of being out down but because of it I run to my comfort zone and just engaging in nervous eating. Ridiculous on my part. I need some help, I need some encouragement I am at my wits end. just tired of seeing gut, just tired of being other's punching bag, just over it.

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