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2/11/12 6:02 P

OK a day early but tomorrow is going to be crazy so last weeks meal planing went well this weeks bad habit to cut out is hitting the nasty snooze button :) and waking up on time and getting a small resistance band or body weight workout in before waking my son up and getting to school and work even if only for 10 min it makes me feel much better about myself during the day :)

I also bought things to make green smoothies that was today's breakfast it was yummy
and will be working on my core more this week as well being belly ffat is my major issue hope you all have a great week ahead of you :)

KRIS10NPJ SparkPoints: (4,117)
Fitness Minutes: (3,048)
Posts: 224
2/8/12 9:21 A

Thank you! I've hurt my ankle some how so this week im doing core and upper body hopefully it will feel better soon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 59,824
2/8/12 12:27 A

emoticon stay with this and don't quit. emoticon I'm here with support.

KRIS10NPJ SparkPoints: (4,117)
Fitness Minutes: (3,048)
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2/6/12 4:04 P

I tend to float around the 1200 1300 area me and the kids just did the warm up cardio blast and the cool down on the new dvd. And I think I need a bigger living room or not to do it with the kids we were definitely way to close and the kids thought it was funny (ages 7 5 and 3) and later tonight ill go to the gym for about an hour of Some kinda cardio im thinking bike

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2/6/12 1:06 P

How are you doing with your new habit? What is your plan for the day? How many calories? How much exercise?

KRIS10NPJ SparkPoints: (4,117)
Fitness Minutes: (3,048)
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2/6/12 12:13 P

So my overall goal is to make a goal to cut out one bad habbit per week And in its place add a new healthy one so for my first week doing this my goal is to. Stop random eating even if healthy and to set a menu plan out for each day. As me new goal this way I can keep track of my. Eating habbits.... I will be doing this later with help from the other people eating in my house :) happy sparking

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