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I just bought a Bobble water bottle from Target for $10. It has a filter in the bottle and makes tap water taste much better IMO.

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Sweeteners is a confusing topic; I agree!

Really "none" are natural (expect maybe honey). They all take ingredients that are then "processed" in some way and turned into the sweet stuff that is available at your store.

Sweeteners are typical categorized by either: calorie providing OR non-calorie providing (or the amount is so low it has little impact on calorie intake).

For the calorie providing: table sugar, honey, molasses, HFCS, corn syrup, etc....the aim is for no more than 6-7 teaspoons daily.

For the low-down on zero-calorie sweeteners, check out this link:

And we also have this article on sugar alcohols:

Hope you find this helpful.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/9/14 11:10 P

I have been using the same Pur filter pitcher for about ten years. The price of the filter refills is very reasonable. It's a good investment. It is also easier than packing around 5 gallon jugs from the grocery store and better for the environment than buying water in disposable containers.

Maybe this is one of those things (the Kool Aide) that you do starting out to help get you on the right track and in the habit of being well hydrated. Over time, you could work on substituting in something that is a little healthier.

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1/9/14 10:55 P

We have well water that gets really sulfur-y in the summer, so for a long time I didn't drink plain water at all. We bought iced tea in jugs and I drank that endlessly. After a while, it made more sense to cut out all the tea and just buy a brita water pitcher. It really does make a difference.

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1/9/14 9:23 P

Becky, sweetners can be confusing to which is considered natural or artificial, some contain both ingredients. Of course nearly everyone knows about cane/beet sugar being natural, thats why I went back to it in moderation. Is there a link explaining natural and artificial sweetners, how they are processed, amount not to be exceeded, and any possible side effects of either?

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1/9/14 7:13 P

do any of the grocery or convenience stores near you have one of those fill a jug vending machines? they hold a 5 gallon container like a water cooler has or a gallon. you just bring your container to refill, pay and get water. it costs like 30 cents to refill the single gallon size.
if you just buy the store brand a gallon of water that tends to run less than a dollar gallon.
while i can see where you wouldn't want to have that cost all of the time, it should be doable some of the time. figure if you're drinking a half gallon of water that's going to run you from 15-40 cents a day. my guess is that the low end of that is at least comparable with the cost of the kool-aod packets.

1/9/14 6:56 P

What you are sharing shows that you are having about 8 servings of artificial sweetener daily.
A typical recommendation is to have no more than about 4 servings daily.
You could always use less sweetener than the package recommends. I often find that I can 1/4 to 1/2 the amount and it is enough to give the water a better flavor.

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1/9/14 4:39 P

I love kool aid! I add half the amount of sugar and can't notice the difference.

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1/9/14 4:21 P

It's fine; the main problem with koolaid is the sweetener, and if you're not adding that, I don't see a problem. Water is water, no matter what you flavor it with.

With that said: Have you tried a water filter?

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1/9/14 4:20 P

Well, if you are OK with putting lots of artificial chemicals in your body for no reason...

I don't think that it will hurt your diet efforts, but it's probably not generally very good for you in the long term.

Tea, especially herbal tea, would be much better for you.

Have you ever tried a Britta or Pur pitcher? They work very well at improving the taste of tap water. It's also handy to have pre-chilled water in the fridge at all times.

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1/9/14 4:12 P

As long as the artificial colours don't bother you I don't see why not.

Do you like herbal teas at all? There are some really good ones out there that taste amazing. You can even cool it and drink it cold.

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1/9/14 3:33 P

It's fine :)

A lot of people add crystal light or that mio stuff to their water if they don't like water. Some people add lemon, lime, cucumber. It's all good.

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1/9/14 3:24 P

I drink unsweetened Kool-Aid instead of water. The tap water tastes horrible and I cannot afford to buy the bottled water all the time. I do add sweet 'n' low to the kool-aid and I do drink about 64 oz of liquid everyday. Is this okay?

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