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7/6/11 12:49 P

I have minor knee problems too; e.g., my doctor says I shouldn't run but I can walk long distances. My husband introduced me to glucosamine sulphate, which I believe has kept my knees from getting worse.
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7/6/11 2:11 A

No one has mentioned taking the supplement glucosamine/chondroitin to help ease the pain of joints. I take it every day and am not one to take supplements, but if I forget for a few days, my knees remind me when they become sore again. I've heard that this supplement works really well for some people, but not for everyone. It's definitely worth a try for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference for you. You can buy it at Costco or any pharmacy.

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JILL313 Posts: 11,678
7/6/11 12:47 A

I need 2 knee replacements and will have them done when I turn 65 and can get Medicare. They hurt a lot and limit my mobility but I don't have the money to have them done now. I do feel better when I exercise so why don't I do that every day--I haven't an answer to that.

7/5/11 4:23 P

I have RA and my knees are getting bad. I have to loose weight before I have to get knee replacement. I live upstairs so I have to climb stairs everyday. I take RA meds and I don't want to take more because I get sick and weak in bed. I was thinking of a gastic sleeve to get rid of some of the weight faster but that really won't work if I don't know how to control my food intake in the first place. Plus I think the possibilies of infection maybe to scarey.

IRENESH Posts: 338
7/5/11 4:10 P

I shattered my femer bone almost 9 months ago. I was lucky keeping my leg (and life). After so many months of bedrests my leg is healing. But now I still have trouble to bend my knees. As of right now I am able to bend it maybe 75-80°… So now I do almost anything to get strength in my legs, knees and ankle.
I don't know if it is everywhere or not, but I found out that our local YMCA is offering 3 free visits (basically for you to find out if you like to join or not). Water sports supposed to be wonderful for knees, strengthen them without direct impacts. I hope this will help you.…


LINDAHALE1955 Posts: 14
7/5/11 2:00 P

i do not have access to the money to have my knees replaced. at 180 lbs and 5'2" the doctor that i can see says: 've know ve need to lose veight' :: yah. i know that i need to lose 'veight'. but the pain that exists with working on concrete floors for hours has me s l o w l y climbing to my third floor apartment.

with limited funds, i have done my best -- i wear knee support on each knee and i wear two belt supports around my waist when i am at work. i have arch supports in my work shoes and i use 'muscle ointment' that has camphor and menthol in it on my calves and the bottoms of my feet.

i bought diabetic knee high white socks at WallyWorld -- 'ze doctor' said that i have 'nothing wrong with you' -- but before that was said -- i had bought the diabetic socks -- they are wonderful -- light and airy and let my feet and legs breath instead of being constricting.

with severely limited access to medical care because i am a minimum wage income earner
"if" there is anything that medicine could do - i will never know it. after three visits to 'ze doctor' with me in tears from leaving work, 'ze doctor' wrote a prescription for pain. a pharmacist listened to me and said: 'you have muscle cramps that are severe from working on concrete for hours'.

i have survived months of working hours every shift on concrete - i am not in as much pain as i was the first three months -- and i hurt less than i did the first six months, but the trip up three flights are an exercise in pain.

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5/25/11 1:45 P

I also had both knees replaced and I would TOTALLY do it again. I have no pain, can walk, can RUN!!

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5/22/11 4:38 P

I found some great helpful guides on this site under arthritis - one was specifically knee strengthening exercises - I've already started trying them out!

DIANNEMT Posts: 11,901
5/22/11 4:17 P

I don't need replacement--not that kind of pain but oh, when I get down, it can be HARD getting back up! And I've lost 20+ pounds. And good ideas on how to strengthen knees??

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5/22/11 7:14 A

Hi... My first time messaging here. My knees are starting to become a real problem and I hobble around the office in a really embarrassing way. I've plucked up the courage to see a dr and reading the comments on this site are really helpful. I started my diet almost 2 weeks ago and the knee pain is a real motivator! Ha ha. Have decided to go with low-carb Atkins and so far so good. I just need to start exercising more!

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5/21/11 10:16 A

I wish I had had your doctor. I've had two replacements on one knee and it still hurts. Now my second knee is ready and not about to do it again.

GAVALADY Posts: 89
5/6/11 12:09 P

I used to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator wherever possible. If it was really high I'd walk up to the 5th or 6th floor and then get the elevator. I can only d one flight now. I can't loose that because I have a 3 level townhouse, lots of steps.

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5/5/11 1:00 P

I have always had weak knees,which got worse after an accident,and now that I am over fifty,there are days that they ache,but I don't let it keep me down.I walk every day,I dance a lot and I do not let it become an issue. I enjoy life to the fullest.What BAD knee?

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5/5/11 10:08 A

Had both knees - total knee replacement. Feel really great now, especially riding the bike which is the best thing for them and recovery. emoticon

GAVALADY Posts: 89
5/4/11 8:15 P

I'm hoping to be able to make it to Medicare before I get my new knee. My company isn't very understanding and will stop your insurance if you don't work or use PTO for 2 weeks. I'm trying to save PTO now, too. I don't have to loose weight, but I want to before the surgery because it will be lots easier.

JILL313 Posts: 11,678
5/4/11 7:52 P

I need both knees replaced but will have to lose about 50#s first and wait until I'm on Medicare!

GAVALADY Posts: 89
5/4/11 7:01 P

Thanks for the information. I have a while to go, they aren't "bad enough" yet, so I have to try to deal with it. I'm really having difficulty loosing weight, but I keep trying.

JODYMARINO1 Posts: 836
5/4/11 6:56 P

I have total knee replacement on both knees and I have 0 pain now! I can do the Walk off the Weight tapes and go for 5 miles!

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5/4/11 6:42 P

Poor knees!

GAVALADY Posts: 89
5/4/11 6:37 P

I am headed for a total knee replacement, I use the stationary bike and row machine for cardio.

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5/4/11 1:21 P


COFFEE100 Posts: 12
5/3/11 1:21 P

This week it seems to be my knees. I work at the top of a hill and I walk on my lunch hour. No matter how far or long I walk I know I end with climbing that dreaded hill. emoticon

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